Allegheny Art Inspires

I’m not an art major or minor.

I’m not a good artist.

I don’t have any expertise in art history or critique.

That’s what I like about art: it’s easy and even encouraged me to have an opinion on it; art is so subjective that anything goes.

I don’t understand how people can take so long at art museums. I just look at an art piece for about 5 seconds and decide what my opinion is.

“Like, dislike, makes me uncomfortable, confusing, hate, awful, modern art (therefore dislike), pretty, boring, ooooh cool, weird.” I can get through a museum in about ten minutes.

That’s why I like to spin through Doane Hall of Art every so often, see what my fellow students are up to and judge them.

I also enjoy the chalk drawings on the side of Doane. It’s a nice touch – sort of spontaneous and whimsical.

Speaking of whimsical, I hear there is a stuffed penguin in Carnegie. Not that I would call taxidermy “art” so much as “kind of creepy,” but penguins are charming enough to get away with the weird factor of taxidermy.

I haven’t been able to find it, though, despite my best efforts.

Also, what’s up with that sculpture on the bottom floor of the library? I’m sorry, but it startles me every time I go down there.

I’m just absently walking down the stairs only to be assaulted by some misshapen, melting creature hugging and making out with itself.

I finally figured out that there is supposed to be a faceless girl that the boy in the sculpture is hugging, but, curiously enough, that does not help.

I don’t know why I have such a grudge against this sculpture except that it has always made me uncomfortable.

I love libraries. Libraries are supposed to be welcoming, comforting, beacons of knowledge. That statue is not helping.

On the other hand, I am a huge fan of the new alligator sculpture outside the Campus Center. That guy is beastly and ferocious.

Plus, the landscaping was really well done, so it looks like he is coming out of a swamp.

It’s a classy statue, well-made but also totally fun. Nothing brings a smile to my face like our gator guy looking grumpy while covered in snow.

Can we please start decorating him? I am honestly disappointed this has not already happened.

Where was his seasonal Santa hat?

Now that the weather’s turning nice, it seems like a perfect time for a crown of flowers or a lei.

Dear People: please help me out with this. I can only imagine how charmingly ferocious he would look all dressed up.

And what about the senior circle?

I don’t think I get it.

I like the echo spot. That’s cool, but past that is questionable.

I heard –– and this is absolute pure unfounded rumor –– that it was supposed to be a gator, but they cut out the fourth section because it would be too close to Montgomery Gym.

One: how did the artist feel about us literally cutting the head off of their work?

Two: how did we not foresee this problem before we agreed to do it?

I’m pretty sure I would like it if it had a head.

That’s a fun, cool concept, and lighting it up does make it look gorgeous when it is snowing.

If anyone had asked me, I would have preferred a couple people running into the head while recklessly coming out of Montgomery to spending money on an unfinished piece of artwork.

Let’s be honest – people running into things is pretty hilarious anyway.

Finally, did you guys know there is a gator statue in the middle of a field up by Robertson?

It is the most random piece of artwork I’ve come across. It’s just straight-up in the middle of a field.

Everyone should go look for it!

You can enjoy our beautiful forests and the great weather while you’re up there.

After all, it sure is beautiful outside nowadays.