ASG votes to fund new green boxes

The Allegheny Student Government began its general assembly with cabinet reports that brought announcements about this year’s annual energy challenge.

ASG commenced this week’s General Assembly at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 9, in room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center.

Director of Sustainability and Environmental Affairs Andi Reiser, ’23, proposed to vote for the funding of a new green box machine for McKinley’s and water refill stations for resident halls on  campus.

“We are going to try to do $5,500 from ASG to match the energy challenge savings which is $5,700 and we are going to do that from the student action fund,” Reiser said.

ASG voted unanimously in favor of matching the remaining cost for a new green box machine which will be purchased at a reduced cost. The eight water refilling stations were also approved and will be $12,00 from the student action fund.

“We’re going to focus on getting these into residence halls where there’s existing plumbing because it allows for it to be a cheaper and easier transition,” Resiser said. “We are hoping that this will get done over Christmas break so that it will be completely ready for everyone during the spring semester.”

Community Relations Director Kyrie Doniz, ’23, updated ASG of her current work with an asset map meant to involve students with the Meadville community.

“We are looking to have an event schedule for local events,” Doniz said. “Eventually the asset map that I am working on will have all the local businesses, local parks, and different amenities that area has to offer.”

Director of Finance Lucas Biniewski, ’23, re-announced the finance workshop set to take place on Nov. 10 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center. Along with the finance session, Biniewski announced he will look into an advertising campaign to educate about ASG financial processes before continuing with finance requests.

“This week we only have requests from the general fund,” Biniewski said. “The requests are from the bowling club for $800 for a tournament; APO is requesting $788 for their annual formal; International Club is requesting $300 for their fashion show event; Allegheny College Democrats are requesting $56 for pizza for their movie night; the class of 2025 is sponsoring an event with the (Counseling and Personal Development Center) for a mental health awareness event for $2,250 and SASS for $1,950,”

The finance requests were approved by ASG.

Attorney General Jack Parker, ’22, commenced the second round of voting to approve the addition of a golf club on campus. Golf Club was approved a second time and is officially recognized by ASG as a club.

Skating Club advocate Baraka Osborne, ’24, presented what the addition of the club will bring students.

“As COVID is going down, there are definitely a lot more skaters across campus,” Osborne said. “It is a club for people to skate in a safe place because I know there are places to skate on campus that are safe and places that aren’t.”

Skating club was approved by ASG for the first round of voting.

President of the Class of 2023 Olivia Brophy updated ASG on plans for an upcoming event at Grounds for Change.

“It is kind of like a wind down for break where they can speak to the junior class senators and also so we can hear from constituents about what they want to see next semester,” Brophy said.

President of the Class of 2024 Kristen Cadham announced an upcoming event on Sunday Nov. 14 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in room 228 at the Pelletier library. The purpose of the event is to give students the opportunity to talk to their class senators.

President Noah Tart, ’22, addressed the current number of COVID-19 cases on campus and gave information about booster shots and flu shots.

“COVID booster shots will start to be offered on the 16th as well as flu shots by the school,” Tart said. “I really encourage you all to take advantage of those resources, especially as we all get ready to go back home for the holidays. It is probably a good idea that we make sure we are going home to our families in a safe manner.”

The assembly was adjourned at 8:09 p.m.