Module 1 brought stress, relieved by module 2

Truly feeling the draining effects from the first module, module two gave me time to alleviate the stress that seemed to be affecting me. The semester so far seems to be better than the last module because I do not have to cram all of my studies into one day, and I am now able to manage my time more effectively.

During the time of the first module, I took communication arts with Professor Ishita Sinha Roy. Students learned in the class about media culture and how it impacts our everyday lives. The course was enjoyable for many of the students who enrolled, however it caused people to feel depressed as they were going through the course.

The class made module 1 feel like a disaster because of how the length of the classes was very different then how classes normally were taught before the pandemic.

Classes were taught for three hours straight, everyday of the week for three weeks. There was an excessive amount of lectures, quizzes every single day, first thing in the morning. 

The format of the class caused me to feel more stress than I believed I would have because of how condensed the learning regime felt. Even though I was amused with the various learning topics that were presented, the depression that came did not make learning fun.

Before module 1, I felt as if remote learning was beneficial for students because they feel more comfortable to participate in class discussions. For this module, it was difficult for me to participate sometimes because I felt uneasy. It was similar with other students, who felt the everlasting effects of trying to cover everything to pass the next quiz or assessment. Classmates still participated, however their faces showed it all on the Zoom screen, with drowsy, upsetting looks on their faces. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that remote learning is bad; however, module 1 made students feel agonizing pressure within their own homes. Most of the classes I had to record on my phone, which was very helpful however I didn’t feel secure to take notes down as I usually do. This made learning feel less productive and engaging. This experience made me learn a lot about condensed learning circumstances, and how to overcome these problematic pressures for next time. 

Studying arrangements was also difficult in the first module because it’s hard to cover everything in such a limited time compared to my experience within the second module.

When module 2 started, I felt more relaxed, and comfortable. Finally able to take classes that best fits me, I felt less stress than what was experienced from before.

Throughout the beginning weeks of classes, I did not know how classes were going to be because during our break before module 2, my brain honestly felt as if it was going to explode.

No more anxiety felt from cramping up my studies every single day, I learned now for module 2 how to time manage myself more effectively and sustain long duration of classes.

Remote learning for me was viewed differently for both modules, simply for the fact that it wasn’t beneficial for me in the first module, however it proved useful in the second. In the first module it was difficult learning remote because of how difficult it was to participate and try to get a grasp of what the class was trying to teach me. In the second module, I was able to communicate more effectively with others in a way that helped make learning more productive and interesting.

With the relief from all the stress and unease that was felt from the first module, I have the opportunity to participate more efficiently in my class. Communication was something I felt was lacking a bit during the first module, when it came to participating. However, in the second module I am now able to talk with my professors about things that ever come across my mind. 

Now taking two courses in the second module, I am able to learn more effectively than I ever would in the first module. It is way easier now to study in the regiment that best fits me, and also is better to participate with more confidence than before. I have time now to focus on what benefits me, and can now build myself better as a first-year student here at Allegheny College.

The spring semester gave me insight into what best supports me as a student. I was affected by a lot of struggles that came from module 1, and as a result from that was able to avoid those issues and try to lead myself into a way better status then what was experienced from before.