Editorial: Grading our Government

Every year, The Campus reflects on and assigns a grade to the Allegheny Student Government.

"ASG meetings are held Tuesdays at 7." Courtesy of asg.allegheny.edu

When Brett Fuchs and Liz Kozub ran for ASG President and Vice President, they developed three vague plans to help run the student government. They said that they wanted to make ASG an organization of students helping students. This, for the most part, meant that clubs should be funded by ASG to achieve what they want to do. Fuchs and Kozub also strived to provide a direct line of communication between the students and administration. In addition, they wanted to work with alumni affairs to increase student involvement with alumni.

This year was fairly uneventful as far as scandals or wrong-doings go for ASG. As expected, Fuchs and Kozub are leading a team of students without any PR messes or anything that the students could really complain about. Alongside Gator Activities Programming and the Office of Student Involvement, ASG helped create the Major Events Committee, which is bringing the first big concert act to Allegheny in quite some time. Students voted for Third Eye Blind, so MEC, along with ASG, is bringing the student selected band to campus.

Many administrators have been in and out of ASG this year to answer questions, including a recent appearance by Joe Hall to field questions about the new room draw process. Their second goal of facilitating communication between students and the administration was met, for the most part.

ASG also was a part of the Gator Locator program which allows students to reach out to alumni and establish connections.

However, people still do not know much about ASG. Voter turnout was fairly low this year. In one class during senate elections, the amount of students running for office won by default, as 10 students ran. This is fairly common in ASG and the blame should not fall solely on them, but rather to student apathy. ASG is one of the bigger organizations on campus, and still people do not know much about what they do. The lack of recognition has been a problem for at least the last four years, and is something the incoming executive office will need to address.

With the achievement of their main goals in mind, The Campus awards ASG a B+ for the 2009-2010 academic year.