A Review of “Emily in Paris”

A new Netflix show

“Emily in Paris” is about a young marketing woman who gets a job opportunity to be a marketing associate in Paris and give the company an American point of view. She moves from living in Chicago with a very supportive work system and serious boyfriend to having to leave it all behind to her new life in Paris. 

In the first episode, Emily questions herself a lot. The company, Savoir,  was expecting someone who could speak French. After discovering that Emily could not speak French, her bosses think of her as unintelligent and incapable. They question her on her ideas constantly and many times call her rude names in French, knowing she will not understand. Her boss, Sylvie, is the worst to her. Sylvie makes it very apparent she does not like Emily and finds her presence unneeded. Emily, to cope with this harsh work environment, tries to find comfort in her long- time boyfriend, Doug. Doug promises to visit Emily in a week, upon Emily’s wishes he comes to the “most romantic city in the world.” 

Emily and Doug’s relationship, sadly, does not last. Doug cuts ties with Emily after deciding long- distance and different time zones was too difficult for him to handle. Emily is now forced to take on all her struggles on her own. 

As the show progresses, we see Emily build strong relationships as she improves her French. Emily befriends a spunky Chinese woman named Mindy. Mindy helps her understand the mindset of the French people around them, and how to handle some of her conflicts at work. Mindy’s relationship with Emily becomes stronger and more important as the show goes on. 

Emily’s love life becomes a huge part of the story after her breakup. As she branches out in Paris, she meets many men. One man in particular, her neighbor Gabriel, becomes very important to her. Their relationship is friendly, but they do become romantically involved. This becomes difficult because Gabriel’s girlfriend, Camille, is one of Emily’s friends. Emily feels incredibly guilty and both Emily and Gabriel fight their feelings for each other throughout the show. 

We see Emily’s confidence in her job grow as her American point of view becomes valuable to many of Savoir’s clients. Her opinions and guidance for campaign events lead to huge success, and her coworkers who were earlier mean become her friends and her work environment improves. 

The show ends with a precursor to the next season. She and Gabriel share a moment after learning that Gabriel and Camille break up. Emily also has the greatest day since her time in Paris, pulling off a very successful PR stunt for a designer. We can tell from the last episode that there is more to come for “Emily in Paris.” 

I found this show very entertaining. Watching a young woman overcome her insecurities and find herself in a whole different country was very inspiring. Emily is a very determined person and watching her never take no for an answer made the show very dynamic. 

Watching Emily playfully banter with her coworkers and earn her place was interesting to watch. Many scenes made me laugh with her witty comebacks to comments thrown at her. Julien and Luc, two men that work with her, have very interesting personalities and watching Emily learn to keep up and put the two ambitious men to shame many times was impressive. Some of my favorite scenes were when Emily was at work, interacting with the people who were different from what she was used to. 

Another one of my favorite scenes from the show was when Emily asked her friend Mindy to sing for her in the park. Mindy was on a singing show when she was young and froze on stage. Since then, she did not want to sing in front of people ever again. Emily gets her to sing for her as other people in the park catch interest and praise Mindy. Seeing Emily help her friend with one of her biggest insecurities was heartwarming and enjoyable to watch. 

The romantic relationships we see Emily experience with many different men in Paris was relatable. She had many casual dates with many different personality types. Many of the men I found pompous and annoying and I was glad to see Emily feel the same way. 

Emily is a very relatable person and her story was enjoyable to watch. I overall really enjoyed this show, having binged the whole show in two days. I couldn’t stop watching it. Every episode has its own unique plot that contributes to the whole of the season. I found every episode entertaining and many times, very funny. This is a good show to watch that is easy to follow and it will put you in a good mood. 

I would give this show an 8/10. It was very entertaining and had a great plot that was easy to follow. It’s a must watch in my eyes.