Womxn in Business and Economics Club formed for econ and business majors

The economics and business students have banded together to form a new club called the Womxn in Business and Economics Club.

According to the American Economic Association, women only make up around 35% of undergraduate economics majors despite comprising 55% of all undergrad students. This is why the new club Womxn in Business and Economics was formed.

President Maya Ginter-Frankovitch, ’22, reached out during the summer to the members of the club and spoke about how women are more likely to feel discouraged in business and economics classes. Once they are past their academic study and into a career, women in the workforce must overcome a multitude of systemic barriers to successfully advance. This is why the club was formed, to shed light on these issues to support women in the field of economics.

“The Womxn in Economics and Business Club was created to provide support to womxn in the economics and business majors,” Anna Poach, ’23, said.

The club wants to provide information on the issues affecting women in the field of economics and to organize and fund events pertaining to the topic. They want to include speakers to come and educate women in ways they can succeed and grow in the field. They want to strive to keep women engaged and excited about business and economics in order to both recruit and retain them as majors in the department.

The club is not exclusively for women, either.

“We hope to provide an inclusive environment for all and thus chose to use the term ‘womxn’ as our organization name as this term is used to highlight the specific inclusion of transgender, nonbinary and women of color,” Poach said.

Poach feels this club is a perfect opportunity to make everyone feel confident, welcome and excited about entering into the field of business and economics.

Womxn in Business and Economics also recognize that men are essential to creating an equal environment.

“We invite anyone who is interested in joining our organization,” Poach said.

Membership will not be limited to persons based on their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, ability, gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation.

“We want to give courage to those who are debating whether or not the field is right for them through events, speakers and mentorships,” Poach said.

The mentorship program will run in two phases. In one, an upperclassman who has experienced the challenges going through school mentors an underclassman experiencing these struggles for the first time. The other form is a mentorship for graduate school. Overall, the club is an environment that supports growth for its members and everyone is welcome.

A member is eligible to join the club if they are in good academic standing with the college. Members are required to attend eight meetings and four absences are allowed per semester. A member may vote if he/she has been actively attending meetings and is involved in the club.

The club has the executive branch set up and will be vested. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer roles have all been filled. A GPA of 3.25 is required to fill an elected official role. Ginter-Frankovitch has been elected as the President and Social Chair member, Poach has been elected as the Vice President and Mentorship Chair member, Sarah Schmidt, ’22, has been elected as the Secretary and Treasurer and Kyrie Doniz, ’23, has been elected as the Public Relations Chair member. Election procedures will be executed through a written ballot or an online ballot given the current circumstances. Nominations for the executive board will be sent directly to the president who will count the ballots at election time and email the results. Quorum will consist of the majority of membership and is needed for this organization to conduct any official business.

The club is not yet an active club. The club needs the petition of 50 or more names of people agreeing with the views and purposes of the club to become active. After the petition is approved by Allegheny Student Government, the club will be active and a more inclusive place for people in the economics and business departments on campus.