The Campus Newspaper Advertising Rates and Policies

General Policies

  • All advertising is subject to the approval of the Editorial Board.
  • Advertisements received after 8 p.m. the Monday prior to publication will not be guaranteed placement in that week’s issue.
  • Specific positioning of advertisements within an issue cannot be guaranteed.
  • Starting and ending dates of placement must be determined before ad is submitted.
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to print the word “advertisement” above any submission.

Billing Policy

  • All Checks MUST be made payable to ALLEGHENY COLLEGE. Please do not send cash.
  • Billing adjustments for erroneous insertions or typographical errors which are the fault of The Campus will be made if the Editor-in-Chief or Advertising Manager is notified within two weeks.
  • Customer will be billed at the beginning of the advertisement’s run. Payment will be due immediately after the run has been completed.

Submission Formats

  • Ads submitted digitally must be sent to [email protected] in one of the following file formats: Photoshop eps, jpeg, tif, gif or pdf. We will also accept text-only ads in Microsoft Word.
  • Ads submitted on paper will be scanned or entered manually to resemble the original, depending on the quality of the submission.
  • The Campus staff will design advertisements upon request, but will not guarantee to offer them for review prior to publication.


  • Photo offset printing: 11 full issues per semester
  • Distribution: 1 p.m. on Thursday
  • Circulation: 1,200 free to the students, faculty, staff and administrators of Allegheny College, 1,500-2,000 unique website views per week
  • Format: 8 broadsheet pages, with 6-column layout
  • Printing Deadline: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Contact Info

  • Mail: Allegheny College Box 12

Meadville, PA 16335

Advertising Rates

Print Rates (add $5/week for color, $5/week for guaranteed front page placement)

Size (width x height) Single Issue Half Semester (7) Full Semester (13)

Square (1.705” x 2.315”) $30.00 $175 $300

Business Card (3.571”x 2.26”) $40.00 $225 $400

Large Square (3.597” x 3.597”) $45.00 $275 $450

¼ page Horizontal (7.302” x 5.474”) $80.00 $475 $900

¼ page Vertical (5.445” x 6.865”) $80.00 $475 $900

½ page horizontal (11.082” x 4.833”) $110.00 $675 $1200

½ page vertical (5.487″x 10″) $110.00 $675 $1200

Web Rates

Size (width x height) Single Issue Half Semester (7) Full Semester (13)

Home Page (300 x 250 px) $50 $300 $500

Inner Page Square (250 x 250 px) $40 $250 $400

Inner Page Rectangle (120 x 500 px) $40 $250 $400

Print & Web Bundle (Single Issue only)

15% discount when purchasing both web and print ads (ads must run in the same week)

Classified Ads

$.50 per word, $5.00 (12 word) minimum.