Handing out some high fives

According to Merriam-Webster, a high five is “a slapping of upraised right hands by two people (as in celebration).”

Though I am not sure why left hands are left out of this dictionary equation, the fact remains that high fives equal a celebration.

I’d like to send out a few high fives to some people and things that have made me smile.

First, I send a big high five to the McKinley’s worker who puts an exceptional amount of cilantro on my burritos.

This woman clearly understands that some people enjoy heaps of toppings on their Cantina cuisine, and nothing compliments the ranch salsa quite like some sprigs of cilantro.

Second, high five to the Allegheny groundskeepers.  They’ve done a great job fixing up the lawns around campus.

Thanks to them we can lounge out on the grass (yes, it does exist!) and not worry about sitting on old granola bar wrappers or been cans.  Also, the gardens look fabulous.

Though I guess Mother Nature deserves some thanks for that.

High five, Mother Nature.

I’ll also send a high five to the people working in the Allegheny post office.

Whenever I need to send or pick up a package they are always full of smiles and ready to tackle my onslaught of questions.

Sometimes their friendly faces even make up for my sad, empty mailbox.


I’ll like to send a high five to the bell tower atop Bentley Hall.

The chiming of the hour always reminds me that I should be at work, not making my way to it.

Thanks for holding me accountable.

Because of these chimes I will forever know the alma mater (and will feel the urge to chant it every day at precisely six o’clock in the evening).

High five to the typewriter on the second floor of the Pelletier library for existing in that random spot and inspiring passersby.

High five to the echoes of Senior Circle.

High five to the playground for letting us relive childhood memories via slides, swings and monkey bars.

Yes, being a student at Allegheny College can be tough, and at times we need to vent our frustrations, but appreciating the small things is one step towards making our lives here easier.

Be sure to send a high five their way.