Allegheny Student Government votes to approve 2019 policy changes

These too shall pass.

In its general assembly, Allegheny Student Government voted to approve the proposed changes to Allegheny’s Student Code of Conduct and the Policy on Discriminatory and Sexual Harassment Including Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking.

“As you know, a lot of people in this room worked a very long time to get these policies reformed, and I think we’re all really satisfied with the way they turned out,” ASG President Camila Gomez, ’19, said.

ASG members asked for clarification on edits to the policies that were discussed throughout the revision process, specifically questions pertaining to Latin honors and graduation requirements.

“I have good news about Latin honors,” Dean of Students April Thompson said. “Latin honors only covers academic misconduct, so we don’t have students … who were in the category where they overlap. Yes, you can still steal the 13th plank and still be eligible for Latin honors.”

The recommendation moving forward, Thompson said, is that the policy be moved from the Student Code of Conduct to the Academic Standards and Awards committee — a committee that students can sit on and work with the Office of the Registrar to discuss cases.

If a student was put on probation due to an honor code violation, he or she is still disqualified from receiving Latin honors for graduation, Joe Hall, assistant dean of students, clarified.

During his report, Director of Communications and Press David Roach, ’21, encouraged ASG members to post about the upcoming senate elections, asking them to continue their positive promotions on social media, especially after the Diversity and Inclusion committee’s “Rep Yo Flag” event which took place April 5.

“It would be really helpful if you could share the same type of love for the senate election doc,” Roach said.

Reflecting on Friday’s event, Faith Simms, ’19, director of diversity and inclusion, said “Rep Yo Flag” was a success, especially for its debut as an event on campus.

Co-Director of Student Affairs Catrina Steckler, ’19, said the feminine dispensers were approved to be purchased, and the order will be placed soon. Once they arrive on campus, four will be placed in every women’s restroom in the Henderson Campus Center in addition to the gender-neutral restroom in the Doane Hall of Art.

After a meeting with Allegheny’s Sustainability Coordinator Kelly Boulton, Cat Lorde, ’21, director of sustainability and environmental affairs, said 15 to 20 water bottle refill stations will be installed throughout campus over the summer in addition to five electric car recharge stations. Two of the electric car stations will be installed in the Vukovich Center for Communication Arts parking lot and three electric car stations will be found in the Bentley parking lot.

The Class of 2022 welcomed a new senator into its ranks with the swearing in of Paris Green.

“I just decided that I really want to get involved with ASG,” Green said. “I want to be more involved with Allegheny and the Allegheny community in general (to) just give back what Allegheny has already given me just in my first year here.”