The Compost – Lacrosse luggage lost at LAX


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They hopped off the plane at LAX, next to a suitcase of cardigans. To the right was the Hollywood sign.

Meanwhile, the women’s lacrosse team hopped off the plane at West Palm Beach, Florida, without their equipment.

In a classic mix–up, the baggage department for their airline saw the team’s bags, labeled “Allegheny LAX”, and sent them on their way to Los Angeles.

John Carstowski, head bag organizer for the airline, blamed the miscue on a lack of focus due to the music being played in the facility.

“The Jay–Z song was on, the Jay–Z song was on. The Jay–Z song was on,” he said. “I just started nodding my head like yeah.”

Michael Markolowitz said that there was more going on than that, however.

“He was also moving his hips like yeah,” he said. “All our hands were up. I mean, they were playing our song. We figured it would be okay. It basically just turned into a party in the USA.”

Other witnesses claimed to have seen butterflies flying away.

This simple miscue had negative results, though, and led to an 0–2 record for the Gators on the trip, who fell to Western Connecticut State and Southern Maine. The team took the field in those games despite their missing equipment, citing a new rule allowing teams to play without equipment, which has been aptly named, “the rugby rule.”

Jessica Mejeski, senior attacker and captain for WestConn, was baffled by the Gators when they took the field.

“I was like, who’re those chicks without no sticks?” she said.

“I figured they had to be from out of town,” said Kara Kruczkiewic, a co–captain of the colonials.

Despite playing without sticks, the team managed to score 31 goals in two games, while only giving up 40.

“I can’t be anymore impressed by our goaltender’s performance in Florida,” said Head Coach Paula Habel. “I mean, she made all those saves without a stick or even pads for crying out loud!”

In addition to not having sticks, some girls did not pack their cleats in their carry-on luggage, making for some interesting sights out on the field.

“I saw some stilettos,” Krucziewic said. “I thought some of them didn’t get the memo.”

The Gators proved that they are much better when they are equipped, and defeated conference rival Ohio Wesleyan on Saturday in Meadville.