Honoring lives lost

Tree of Life Synagogue

Remember Joyce Fienberg, 75, Richard Gottfried, 65, Rose Mallinger, 97, Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, Cecil Rosenthal, 59, David Rosenthal, 54, Bernice Simon, 84, Sylvan Simon, 87, Daniel Stein, 71, Melvin Wax, 87, and Irving Younger, 69.

Squirrel Hill is a tight-knit community that sits on the East End of Pittsburgh, PA. This neighborhood was shaken on Saturday, Oct. 27 after a gunman invaded Tree of Life Synagogue. Eleven people were killed and six others wounded after their place of worship was turned into a place of fear by a man who was fueled by hate and motivated by anti-Semitism.

The Campus staff would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims, all members of the Jewish community, the city of Pittsburgh and anyone else who has felt the impact of this attack.