ASG talks goals, elections, preparations for 2018-19

Sara Holthouse, Junior News Editor

On the third floor of the Henderson Campus Center, Allegheny Student Government held its first official general assembly meeting of the 2018-19 session Tuesday night, Sept. 4.

ASG held an informal meeting last week, but Tuesday night was the first meeting that went through all the basics of a normal assembly meeting. First-year students interested in joining ASG for the upcoming year were also invited, and about eight interested first-year students attended the meeting and introduced themselves to cabinet. They gave their first names and told the cabinet why they wanted to be a part of ASG. 

“I’m here because I want to make a difference in my college community, and because I believe I have the leadership qualities to do so,” Jacob Fleming, ’22, said.

Many of the first-years were a part of student government in their high schools, and they all expressed excitement to continue that at Allegheny.

Another first year student, Sophie Adams, said she wanted to join ASG to gain experience with the organization, a goal she has had since before coming to Allegheny.

“I wanted to get involved at Allegheny, and I’ve always had an interest in student government,” Adams said. “I’ve just never had the time to do it, and now I do, and I want to make a difference.”

First-year elections will be coming up soon, and ASG President Camilla Gomez, ’19, encouraged ASG members to come out and support them.

“We’ll be having events for them to give speeches next week,” Gomez said.

In addition to the first-year senate preparations and elections, ASG also discussed goals for this upcoming year, along with swearing in their current senators by having them recite an oath.

“Our biggest goal is probably digitizing everything,” said Moneesha Jayabalan, ’19, attorney general. 

There were also reports from each of the represented classes as well as the adviser report.

Each class president introduced themselves and talked briefly about the proxy applications they received over this last week.

“We did receive a few applications for proxies that we’re excited about, and which we should get to and nominate early next week,” said Emma Godel, class of 2021 president.

ASG adviser and Associate Dean for Wellness Education Gretchen Beck also gave the cabinet her report.

“I’m excited to be working with all of you,” Beck said. “Class presidents, I’ll be connecting with you and we’ll have meetings about your goals. … Cabinet members, it’s been a little busy with Welcome Weekend and Orientation and all that, but I’ll be sending you notes too. So, welcome back.”

Beck also promised to plan a tour of the new Student Life Suite space for ASG on the third floor of the Campus Center, possibly for next week, bringing an end to this week’s meeting.

Information about upcoming first-year senate elections and candidates will be released as the elections approach. Candidates are required to file their election paperwork by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7.

ASG meets at 7 p.m. every Tuesday, the next one being Sept. 11, in Campus Center room 301/302, and meetings are open to all students.