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    Caitlin O'NeillMar 18, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    I think Andrew W.K. said it better in a recent interview:

    Spinner: Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

    A.W.K.: No, do you? I mean, how do you decide when to feel guilty about something you like? I figure if I like it, that’s a great blessing to have something to like! I could understand feeling guilty if it was something that really harmed someone, and I still did it and felt bad about it, but when it comes to something as fun and light-hearted as music? I mean, music doesn’t really cause physical harm to anyone, besides maybe listening too loud and damaging your hearing. If we get pleasure from music, that’s just a miracle, and I wouldn’t want to question it or doubt it or feel guilty about it.

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    Ronald KoppenhagenMar 18, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    My guilty pleasure is drinking too much. I don’t do it every day because it is bad for me, but I see the connection here.

    You’re lumpin’ a whole lot of people into one category that you mock for a reason I can’t really fathom. You don’t like certain music, then go for it! Don’t like it just like how I don’t like uninteresting pop songs with lyrics that suggest valuing something I don’t find appealing. But, I am already wrong.

    Maybe you don’t realize it, but your article promotes hate. It segregates people, dividing them into people who appreciate mainstream music, and people who are pretentious for disliking mainstream music. That’s like saying people who prefer red are communists, and people who prefer any other color or combination of colors, or day of the week, or type of furniture, or grain of sand, is an African Zebra on the Fourth of July wearing glow sticks for earrings.

    I hate to break it to you, but you’re not just trashing fad-whoring soul-seekers whose only love in a empty world is to make you feel inadequately cultured, but also unique individuals who get excited for radical sounds, reality-defying rhythms, and even over-used hooks. You’re criticizing people you’ve never met and possibly don’t even understand. You are attacking every culture and affiliation that is not yours.

    And then you posit that if I’m reading this paper, I’m mostly likely an adult. While sadly, my age probably proves is these days, I can’t help but wonder what exactly that means. I don’t think it is about aging and getting school loan notifications in the mail, I think you might be onto something here. It’s about living a lifestyle that orbits my set-in-stone preferences.

    But, if that’s what being an adult is, then I hope I keel over the day I stop trying to find what fits me in this constantly changing chaotic world that I live in. That’s what I value in life, not one-upping someone I don’t know by mentioning all nonchalant my elite preferences.

    I mean, you can’t be scared of that guilt, but that whiskey will get ‘cha.

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