I Love Female Orgasm returns to campus

Sex experts Lindsay Fram and Marshall Miller came to Allegheny College Tuesday, March 27 to give students an in-depth lesson on how to get a female orgasm, and how to no longer deal with the trouble of asking, “Was that an orgasm or was that just a close call,” Miller said. They busted myths, listened to students’ stories and introduced their superhero mascot, Clitora, to give a series of sex tips.

The event drew in attendess of all sexualties, ethnicities and genders since they included information relevant to anyone. However, it was not just the excitement for students to learn more information into their already filled brains. Attendees also longed for the opportunity to openly talk openly about sex be it through sharing stories or hearing about the newest vibrators on the market.

“I like sex,” Callie Lavarnway, ’20, said.

I Love the Female Orgasm, the group’s name, does not discriminate against anyone in its teachings.

“We really appreciate the diversity of everybody here tonight … people who are single, people who are in relationships, people who are married, people are heterosexual, people are gay, lesbian, bisexual, people who identify as pansexual, as queer, as asexual, people in the process of figuring all that out,” Miller said. “People here are typed as cisgender, transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary. People of all different races and ethnicities. People who grew up with a really good sex education at home, and people who grew up in families, communities, and places all around the world where this just wasn’t talked about at all.”

Allegheny Club, the Reproduction Coalition, was the group that sponsored the event. According to the club president, Maddie Archer, ’19, the I Love the Female Orgasm reached out to her to come back to campus. This is the third time the group has visited and Fram said she thinks each visit is more successful than the last.

Seniors and juniors of Allegheny may have already attended the last function the group presented two years ago, but regardless of any information that students may already know or learned last time, Fram and Miller presented the information in ways that made the students laugh and understand sexual education in a whole new way.

“There wasn’t too much new information, but the way that they approached it got me thinking that there are better ways to teach sexual education in our school systems,” Perry Rusen-Morohovich, ’19, said.

Other students attending the function had similar thoughts. Hannah Kitchen, ’20, Calli Larvarnway, ’20, and JanaBeth Dellamedaglia, ’20, shared that their high schools never taught them about the pleasures of a female orgasm, let alone the details of where a G-Spot is located or what female ejaculation is.

“If you put a penis into a vagina, or anything near your genitals, whether it is covered in a condom or not, you will get an STD,” Dellamedaglia said, regarding her high school sexual education course.

According to Fram and Miller, sexual education missed a few points — woman can and should enjoy the female orgasm, and if their partner, or themselves, treats them right using fingers and tongues, and never forgetting the clitoris, every day can be a good day — or evening, weekend, morning, or any time they would like to fit in a good spiritual experience.

Fram and Miller described the different types of appearances a vagina may have, the different orgasm a woman may feel, and how women should not care what their partners are thinking when she experiences.

“When I am in the middle of an organism, I would like to just be able to enjoy the experience. I don’t wanna have to think about what my partner is thinking about the look on my face,” Fram said, discussing an article in Cosmo about what men are thinking when their partner orgasms. “And sorry not sorry, but in that moment, I can’t think about that.”

After the lesson, the students attending the event discussed and laughed over how different points they had learned, namely that they did not know the G-Spot was real.

“I thought it was interesting that they said the G-Spot was like, real. Cuz everyone was like ‘Oh, it’s a myth don’t worry about it.’ And they were like ‘Actually it’s a thing. It just sometimes doesn’t work,’” Kitchen said.  

While discussing their newly acquired knowledge, attendees browsed and purchased t-shirts adorning the phrase “I [heart] the Female Orgasm” and buttons with different sexual innuendos and slogans. Archer said, “20 or 25 percent of the proceeds go to support breast cancer awareness, so yeah for sure. It’s beneficial.”

For those who did not attend the event, here were the tips from Fram and Miller on how to experience the sweet bliss of the female orgasm:

Tip 1: Ask for an introduction. You should ask your partner what they want their genitals to be called and what feels the best to help them reach the “Big O.”

Tip 2: Befriend your vulva. Your partner cannot know how to give you ultimate pleasure, if you do not know your own vulva and how it feels in different positions.

Tip 3: Breath deeply, or constrict the breath. Everyone feels differently about this, but generally the more the air flows and the blood pumps, the better everything feels.

Tip 4: Touch yourself by yourself to know what feels best to you.

Tip 5: Touch yourself experimentally and do not have the goal of orgasming.

Tip 6: Try some good vibrations. There are vibrators for everyone, go ahead and try one!

Fram and Miller constantly reminded everyone that no one should ever feel uncomfortable with who they are and what they like. According to them, be on the same page with your partner and know what feels good, and do not be afraid to ask them what they like.

“Your cookie is totally normal. Your cookie is beautiful. Your cookie is delicious,” Fram said. “In case you haven’t guessed, we are not talking about cookies.”