‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is filled with action and humor

The galaxy’s favorite Norse God returns

A mix of humor and hero action, “Thor: Ragnarok” is starting November off with a bang. Directed by Taika Waititi, “Thor: Ragnarok” is the third excitingly funny and action-packed movie in the Thor franchise. The film was released on Nov. 3, made $121 million in its opening weekend, and it is not stopping anytime soon, not until “Justice League” at least.

While “Iron Man” is the reigning champ for the Marvel cinema with a 94 percent review, “Thor: Ragnarok” comes out with a 92 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the same rating as “Spiderman: Homecoming,” making it one of the top tier Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far.

“Exciting, funny and above all fun, Thor: Ragnarok is a colorful cosmic adventure that sets a new standard for its franchise — and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie follows Thor as he travels back to Asgard after the events of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and his search for information on the infinity stones. After a brief stint on some planet with a villain that really reminds me of Sauron, Thor returns to Asgard. Revealing Loki’s facade as Odin, Thor and Loki return to Earth to retrieve Odin but, and this is the funny part, the elderly home that Odin was imprisoned in by Loki was in the process of being demolished.  This is when Doctor Strange appears.

Doctor Strange’s cameo is well placed, though surprisingly not at the end of the movie as many viewers thought it would be. The scenes with Strange and Thor are a replay of the extra credit scene in “Doctor Strange” from last November so it is really not any new information. Though it gives us a hint at how dramatic Strange can be, again the man was the literal embodiment of extra in his own movie, it is not surprising how powerful he has grown since his own movie.

Following the scene when Thor and Loki find Odin through Doctor Strange, we are introduced to the villain of the story, Hela. Hela is one hell of a villain. She is hella snarky, hella mean and hella powerful, especially with those antlers of hers, and let us not forget her oversized puppy and army of the dead. I will not spoil her back story, you definitely will not see it coming, but it makes sense.

After Hela gives a short but typical villain speech, in a scramble to return to Asgard, Thor and Loki are thrown to the same planet. And yeah, we have all seen the trailers; all I have to say is, poor Mjolner. We will not be seeing it anytime soon. The planet they crash land on is called Sakaar, but it is really Planet Hulk, which was teased from the announcement of the movie.

Planet Hulk is where the bulk of the movie takes place and introduces us to the rest of the cast, the Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum, Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson, Hulk/Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo, and Korg, voiced by the director Taika Waititi. Honestly, none of these characters were boring in any way, shape or form. Each character has their own little quirks and voice, and they are all hilarious. I found myself laughing a lot more than I thought just because the characters were so funny. All and all, it is a 10/10 for Goldblum.

After the amazing gladiator fight between Thor and Hulk, Thor plots to get off the planet to save Asgard from Hela’s tyrannical rule. And the only way to get to Asgard the quickest is through the biggest wormhole named the Devil’s Anus. Yes, this is not a typo. This is the correct name for the swirling red Einstein Rosen bridge wormhole.

Thor and his new team, nicknamed the ‘Revengers,’ return to Asgard through the Devil’s Anus to fight Hela and her army of the dead and oversized puppy. I won’t spoil too much of the fight, because a lot of it is super important and definitely different from what the trailers depicted. In the end, Thor and his team, who all decided to retire the name ‘Revengers,’ defeat Hela and her dead army. There’s a lot more that happens, but I really do not want to spoil it, it is better to just go watch it. It is definitely worth it.

Now, if you are an avid Marvel fan like myself, then you know Marvel always has after credit scenes to foreshadow the next movie or movies. Thor had two, though technically only one truly mattered to the bigger picture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you get the jist. Some spoilers are coming so I would recommend skipping the rest of this.

The first extra credit scene, and the one that truly matters, has Thor and Loki talking about Earth before a huge spaceship that looks a lot like Thanos’ face appears from the middle of nowhere, and we are left with the ‘oh’ faces of Thor and Loki before the scene is cut off. Man, the amount of people I heard say ‘what the hell’ in the theaters was great, especially since one of them was me. It is not explicitly said the ship is Thanos’, but we all know it is.

Overall, the movie deserved all the hype it got. The film was action-packed, entertaining and deeply moving all in one without being a complete disaster. The characters are gut-bustingly hilarious, and you will honestly have a hard time picking which one is the funniest. My vote is going to Korg, cause man, that guy was hilarious.