Tea Column – Tastes of a Tea Sommelier

Though I contemplated reading my Computer Organization literature, I decided to take a break to try one of Adagio’s fine seasonal products.

Though I have had seasonal teas in the past, none quite compare to this black tea, which is full of flavor.

I’ll admit I’m not really a big fan of black teas (though ironically it is the type of tea I started on), but I am always willing to try Adagio’s flavored stuff, as it is usually pretty decent.

There was that one occasion where I bought their Pineapple Black Tea, which I am still afraid to touch, let alone DRINK!

Anyway, I digress.

Steep Method:


Normally, when making some tea from Adagio, I use their/my trusty IngenuiTEA steeping mechanism. I figure since they sell it, they’d want you to experience their teas in it. Also, I feel that I get a better, more thorough taste, than with my Zarafina, or some other auto-teamaker.

Steep Time:

Three minutes, 30 seconds

I heat the water first and when it’s boiling (about 200 degrees F), I pour it into my steeper, the Pumpkin Spice already in there.

I decided to have some fun and use Steep.it for their recommended amount of time for teas. A good thought, but I should have set my own time (3:30 was too short for this black tea).


This tea is surprisingly light for its type (black) and certainly has that “Fall” attitude to it. The taste is definitely there, a plethora of vanilla and oriental spice–ish taste, as well as some pumpkin flavor to it.

I’m actually surprised that there wasn’t MORE pumpkin flavor. I swear I need to steep it longer. I’ll try that on the next steep, but man, it definitely needs MORE punch!

So, Adagio, if you are listening, I am giving you the thumbs up, but for next year (or even your next batch) please add more pumpkin flavor!

Maybe there is a lot in it, but the black tea taste overwhelms it.

They should use white tea or even oolong (my favorite!).

It does go well with my mood at the moment, but there’s simply not enough pumpkin flavor— I expected pumpkin pie!

It’s more like oriental spice with a twist of vanilla and a little hint of pumpkins. Just sayin’.

I like it, but I don’t LOVE it.

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