Letter to the Editor

I read your article about Andrew Lubin’s return to Allegheny.  I was astonished at his reported characterization of the Allegheny he remembered.

I attended Allegheny at about the same time, graduating in 1972.  He claims it was a school where the sons of steel mill workers attended so they could get jobs in steel mill personnel.  I went to school with the sons of doctor’s, lawyers and teachers with a few rich kids thrown in.  In four years, I did not meet a single lad whose father punched a clock at a steel mill nor anyone with an ambition to work in steel mill personnel.  I have nothing against anyone working at a steel mill, I just didn’t cross paths with anyone from that background.

Then, as now, Allegheny had a reputation for a strong pre–med program, strong preparation for grad school and turning out capable professionals in many fields. Beyond the pale is Andrew’s claim that the women of that era were not here for an education. This is absolutely preposterous and incredibly insulting.  The women of Allegheny in the late sixties and early seventies were extremely serious about getting their educations and filled with fiery ambitions to go out into the world to do the good work that they have, in fact, proceeded to do.

I don’t know where Andrew Lubin thinks he went to school, but he didn’t go to the same place I did.

––Jim Hoople ‘72