New York Daily News Berns Sanders

Voters are flocking to a candidate whose talking points reach out to the most extreme wings of his party, who has no ideas on how to implement his policy ideas and who will further divide American politics among party lines. He is opposed by many members of his own party and continues to have trouble in gathering minority votes. His name? Bernie Sanders.

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Sanders showed how undeveloped his policy plans were. He failed to explain how his administration would break up the biggest banks in the country, an action that has been a central talking point in his campaign. He did not say how the banks would then be reorganized. Sanders could not point to any specific federal law that Wall Street executives broke in their role in the financial collapse of 2008, nor could he explain how a Sanders administration would prosecute those involved.

Rather than being the Democratic candidate with nuanced, developed policy ideas, Sanders is the candidate with plans that are unattainable, ideas that have no way of being implemented and pie-in-the-sky dreams that Congress, whether it is controlled by Democrats or Republicans, will make no move to implement.

Instead of developing his ideas further, researching how to implement his talking points or releasing specific proposals on his policy ideas, Sanders has constantly returned to his talking points in the face of criticism, turning every interview into a stump speech.

While his talking pointsbreaking up the big banks, implementing universal health care and lowering prescription drug pricestend to appeal to younger, liberal voters, Sanders has yet to describe any realistic proposal to implement his platform. His ideas are shallow and one-dimensional.

Furthermore, Sanders’ congressional record reveals him to be a candidate whose political ideology is unfit for a commander-in-chief. While the Obama administration exists in an extremely sectional, partisan environment, the role of a United States president is not to introduce deaf policies that rely on stubbornness. Instead, a president must compromise in order to implement any effective change rather than write bills that will stall the progress of American politics.

Throughout Sanders’ political life, he has not shown any willingness to compromise. He did not write a single bill in 2015 that had both Republican and Democratic sponsors. While Sanders has made use of amendments to enact some policy changes while in the House and Senate, he will be unable to do the same as president. His platform includes too many radical changes to the current system to pass via amendments.

In an age where partisanship is at its strongest in more than 50 years, the United States does not need a president who will strengthen the rift between Democrats and Republicans. Instead, the country needs a leader who can compromise, a commander-in-chief who understands that not all goals will be accomplished in one presidency. Bernie Sanders simply cannot address this need.

Rather than the 2016 election focusing on foreign policy and immigration, Sanders has made domestic policy, such as income inequality and institutional discrimination, at the forefront of issues. That, however, is his only role in this election.

Bernie Sanders is the Democratic version of Donald Trump. He is an egregious example of a politician who makes promises without any potential of enacting them. While failing to be a flagrant racist like Trump, he alienates members, not only of the Republican Party, but also of his own Democratic Party.