‘Batman v Superman’ deviates from original comic

“Batman v Superman” was an epic fail. For some of us that have followed comic books, the movie was disappointing for several reasons.

First, Ben Affleck was Batman. This was surprising to me as his role as Daredevil in 2003 was not the least bit successful. He is nice on the eyes, but not good when it comes roles where he needs to act tough. Stick to romantic comedies, Ben.

Secondly, it took half the movie to set up the conflict between Batman and Superman. The conflict is that Batman basically wants to say he “killed a god” because Superman is dangerous. The entire first half of the film was slow and anticlimactic. When the fight scene between Batman and Superman finally came, it lasted about five minutes.

This leads to the next problem I had with the movie. There is an awkward interaction between the two heroes, Batman had a kryptonic spear to Superman’s throat. Superman told Batman that Lex Luther was holding Martha, Superman’s mother captive and coincidently, Batman’s mother’s name was also Martha.  Thus, the coalition between the two superheroes comes from their mothers sharing the same name.

Another issue I had with the movie was that Batman uses guns and was not hesitant to kill people.

In the comic and in previous films, Batman never uses guns and does not want to kill others. He prefers to capture and lock them away. His Batmobile has guns, but they are used to stop villains, not kill them. In this movie, probably because they had to make Ben Affleck more tough, Batman has and uses gun to kill others.

Next, Batman’s suit is different during the fight between the two heroes. Batman wears a full titanium suit that made it difficult for him to move around. The real Batman would have never had a special suit to fight Superman. He would have had too much pride. Once again, they needed Ben to look tough.

Finally, Wonder Woman was the coolest part of the movie. However, her part only lasted about 10 minutes. Before she helped Batman and Superman fight Lex Luther’s alien, she was a pretty woman who was appealing to Batman. I wish they had emphasized Wonder Woman’s role.

Although flawed, the movie was entertaining. It was fun to watch because it was apparent the directors and writers of the film probably did not read the comic. I think the movie producers set up the film as Marvel’s Avengers did with each superhero having their own film prior to the Avengers series, it may have flowed better. “Batman v Superman” was random and inaccurate. The end of the movie foreshadows a sequel.  I hope the next film is made better, however, I do not have high hopes.