New, local cafe becomes go-to coffee shop

The next time you visit The Market Grille, you will see a sign on the left door advertising Drogo and Tuck Artisan Cafe entrance. The cafe is a new addition to the Meadville Market House. The long dark green counter displaying biscotti, cucumber basil water, sugar and other spices is nestled among local vendors.

I was greeted by Michael Reed, owner of the artisan cafe. He was also my barista as well as guide as I explored this new cafe.

For this excursion, I decided to specifically try specialty drinks, beverages that can only be found at Drogo and Tuck. For the purpose of trying the drinks in their entirety, I did not add any extra sugar, cream or other additives.

I decided to go big and order three different drinks, even though my taste buds were begging for one of everything, as well as a quiche and personal loaf of cornbread.

Drogo Tripollo, a triple shot of espresso mixed with raw sugar directly in the grounds, appeals to customers that enjoy a sweet, light caramel flavor.

The Banana’s Foster Latte uses banana milk, making it a sweet and creamy drink. The banana flavor is light and real. This helps to not overpower your palate and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Turkish Treacle, a new specialty drink that has appealed to more customers than originally planned, is the order I was a little nervous about. Turkish coffee is known for being strong and in your face, and while I enjoy coffee, I usually take it with cream and a lot of sugar. That being said, this was my favorite of the trio. The espresso is complimented by the sweet molasses, while still retaining the bold flavor.

After being pleasantly surprised by the coffee products, I decided to dig into the savory items. I learned from Reed that all food is cooked or baked fresh each morning for the cafe by him and his fiancee.

Drogo and Tuck offers a wide variety of salads, breads, quiche and soups. I opted for the spinach and goat cheese quiche and the cutsie cornbread.

The quiche was a slice of heaven, especially when I warmed it up. The proportions of ingredients was balanced and the quiche itself was light and airy. I had to stop myself from inhaling the whole thing in order to save room for the cornbread.

The cutsie cornbread is cast-iron baked, giving the crust a nice chew while keeping the inside soft and moist. I enjoyed this bread and would recommend it, but it came in second to my mom’s homemade cornbread.

I have heard many grumblings around campus (myself included) about how we need a Starbucks on campus. Grounds for Change offers coffee, as do most of the fast food chains around town and personal coffee pots or Keurigs, but there is something about going somewhere, immersing yourself in the surroundings and enjoying a fresh cup of java brewed just for you.

Overall, I believe that Drogo and Tuck is the new Starbucks on the block. Their products are wholesome, organic, locally sourced when possible and delicious. This little cafe has a little something for everyone, whether it is a quick and fresh snack, a hot cup of coffee or a cool tea.

Drogo and Tuck is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.