Broadway dazzles in NYC

I had the opportunity to see a Broadway show this past parent’s weekend in New York City. My family and I saw “Finding Neverland” and we were impressed by the energetic production. Personally, “Finding Neverland” gave me feelings I have not experienced since I saw “Wicked”.

An adaptation of the 2004 Academy Award winning movie Johnny Depp starred in, this production opened on Broadway April 15, 2015. It has introduced audiences to a transformation of the true story of how “Peter Pan” was created.

J.M. Barrie (Matthew Morrison), a Scottish playwright that is stuck in a creative rut crosses paths with a family of four boys, Jack (Eli Tokash), George (Jackson Demott Hill), Peter (Christopher Paul Richards), Michael (Noah Hinsdale) and their mother, Sylvia (Laura Michelle Kelly).

Inspired by the boys’ imaginative games and adventures, Barrie goes against the odds and creates Neverland. He uses this magical world to write a play unlike any play high-society London theatergoers had ever seen.

While I have not seen the film “Finding Neverland,” the Broadway show won my heart. The energy of the entire cast in addition to the lyrics and music bring out the child within each member of the audience.

“Peter Pan” will take on a new meaning for audiences after learning about the creation of Neverland and all of the characters involved.

The musical numbers are full of surprises, interesting choreography and beautiful set changes that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

“Circus of Your Mind” is the number to look forward to in Act I of the show. The set changes are simply incredible. Morrison is thrown through doors showing the audience each aspect of his life in a merry go round of engaging madness.

I am not able to choose one number from Act II as a favorite. If I had to, there would be a tie between “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” and “Something About This Night”.

The duet of “When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground” between Barrie and Peter is hauntingly beautiful. Their harmonies will give you goosebumps, sending you to a place of heartbreak and loneliness, only to reassure that it is alright to be in a mental state away from the sadness.

“Something About This Night” is a cheerful number that follows the somber duet. The bright costumes and upbeat chorus bring the audience back into an elated state. The song boasts the nervous jitters the ensemble experiences opening night of Barrie’s new play.

The finale will make sure you have smiled, cried and everything in between. I will not spoil it, but the visually spectacular scene will leave you breathless.

This is a show for all ages. The intricate sets and enchanting music bring the audience into the lives and minds of our London characters.

My five year old sister, Cameron, spent the entire two hours and 35 minutes on the edge of her seat, trying to sing along to songs that seem familiar and are easy to catch onto.

“Finding Neverland” is an experience you will not want to miss. Whether for yourself or a younger family member, go and see this fantastic production, you will not be disappointed.