Editorial: Ugandan law threatens LGBTs with death

You turn on the news, and what do you see?

Another story about the Toyota controversy?

Profiles of the final 24 contestants on “American Idol?”

A special about the world’s tallest dog and how he gets to sleep on a queen–sized bed?

An excited anchor explaining Bristol Palin’s recent decision to debut as an actress via ABC’s “The Secret Life of The American Teenager?”

Meanwhile, Uganda is on the brink of facing a mass genocide.

An Anti–Homosexuality Bill that is being considered by Uganda’s legislature would call for the death penalty for any HIV–positive LGBT, a life sentence in prison for LGBT Ugandans who are not HIV–positive, and harsh penalties (jail time) for anyone who knows an LGBT but does not report their knowledge to the government.

No one is safe; even an “attempt” to enter into a relationship deemed “wrong” by the Ugandan government warrants punishment: “A person who attempts to commit the offence of homosexuality commits a felony and is liable on conviction to imprisonment seven years,” the Anti–Homosexuality Bill states.

Look it up online–– it’s unambiguous, it’s extensive, and it’s appalling.

Sweden stepped up in December and pledged to halt all international aid to Uganda if the Anti–Homosexuality Bill is passed.

Other major providers of aid, including the United States, have yet to act.

President Obama has commented once or twice on the issue, calling the bill “odious;” while raising awareness is essential, words are still just words.

Uganda is at a crossroads.

At this point, there shouldn’t even be an ethical questioning of how the right wing and left wing feel about LGBT rights; it’s a matter of innocent people being executed by their own government.

The whole situation sounds like a fusion of “1984” and the Salem Witch Trials, and it’s happening in 2010, right under our noses.

Please take a moment to tell the Ugandan government that this is unacceptable. Care2 has an online petition: