Matriculation will introduce first years to Gator Community

Orientation for the incoming class of 2019 is filled with organized events and informational sessions geared towards showing the students what Allegheny has to offer students throughout their career.

The Matriculation ceremony will occur on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 4:30 p.m. in Shafer Auditorium.  This will mark the beginning of the first-year students’ academic career at Allegheny.

“The academic year has a series of special ceremonies, each with a purpose,” said President James Mullen. “Matriculation represents the formal welcome to our new students, recognizing them as enrolled members of Allegheny College. With this ceremony, our new students become part of our community. It is a ceremony that both welcomes them and affirms our shared commitment to the values and traditions of Allegheny, such as the Statement of Community and the Honor Code.”

Allegheny’s Honor Code is unique to the college because it is developed and maintained by students instead of the college administration.  The Honor Committee chair will lead the class of 2019 in the Honor Code pledge during the ceremony.

“We ask students to recite it, because it is essential to the values shared by our community: integrity in the pursuit of knowledge,” said Mullen.

Matriculation is one of many ceremonies in the academic year.  The purpose of this specific event is to recognize these new students as involved members of the college community and offer them a chance to feel connected to the student body as a whole.

Professor Briana Lewis views the ceremony as a time for faculty to witness the official arrival and a marker for a major life event for the incoming class starting their college careers.

“Hopefully, if it’s done right, new students leave Matriculation feeling more a part of Allegheny than they did before the ceremony, having participated in a ceremony that generations of students have also participated in before them,” said Lewis. “It’s sort of a manifestation or a performance of belonging to something.”

Allegheny Student Government President, Haley Riley, ’16, will be speaking to the first year students as well as faculty members.

“I’m just really excited because I was so nervous and excited to be at school and had no idea what was going to happen,” Riley said. “Then all of a sudden it seems like I blinked my eyes and now I am here. I get to talk to people who will hopefully get to go through the same journey of finding themselves and taking advantage of the resources here like I’ve done.”

Riley also looks forward to attending the ceremony and offering advice to the class of 2019.

“I want to ease stress and show people that there are people here for them and show parents as well,” said Riley.  “It’s really weird to be speaking and it’s really weird to be a senior, but I’m really excited to see what this incoming class will bring to campus.”

Allegheny has resources for students to succeed, as shown by the faculty and administrative presence at Matriculation.  The mass of men and women that sit onstage in their academic regalia are an example for the incoming class.

“Remember why you’re here, what is unique about this opportunity for you, and let that guide your choices about how you spend your time,” said Lewis. “There is so much here that will be trying to capture your attention, your interest and your time. Be open-minded, try new things, but don’t be afraid to let go of things that are less important so that you can focus properly on the things that really matter to you.”