Video of the week: "Under the urn, churl"

We were running on a tight deadline this week, so we used one of our esteemed news editor Ray Smith’s favorite old school Tom Green videos in a pinch.

Is he annoying? Sure. But hey, Bill Dance’s best bloopers are a tough act to follow.

It’s not without it’s funny moments though. For starters, old people are pretty much made of win when it comes to Youtube videos, and when they’re in their natural habitat – a bingo hall – they’re bound to be at their funniest, as seen here with shouts of “You’re not even funny!” and “We’re not French!”

And when he’s interacting with them, Tom’s not so bad either. We’re fond of “Hey, hey! Don’t go stealing the ice cream scoop!” and “Why are you following him?!”  But then again, pretty much anything after 2:20 is solid gold.

Does it still make you laugh years after Tom Green was actually popular? Do you think he’s the most annoying person ever? Air your thoughts in the comments section below, and if you’ve seen any hilarious internet vids recently, let us know on here or tweet them to @alleghenycampus.