Just the Tips: Get to know your sex toys

If you’re starting to think about purchasing your first sex toy (and trust me, you can’t just buy one) there are probably some questions you have, but quite frankly, don’t know who to ask.

That’s alright, the world of sex toys can be a crazy place, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Knowing some of the basic options and lingo can really help while navigating this new world.

First things first, the basic categories of sex toys include: vibrators, dildos and anal toys.
Vibrators do just that: vibrate. They can be for clitoral stimulation only, which means they’re probably a shape you don’t want to put into your vagina, or they can be a shaft for insertion. They can also be a combination of both. The common theme is their vibration; most require batteries although some are rechargeable. It’s best to read up on a vibrators noise level, especially while living in a communal space. Cheaper vibrators tend to have weaker vibrations, or just fewer options but are louder, whereas more expensive ones are a smoother, quieter ride.

Dildos are sex toys that are shaped like a penis, vaguely, and don’t vibrate. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors (as do all toys) and can be great if what you’re really looking for is that filled up feeling. Lastly there are anal toys which are mostly just vibrators and dildos with a wide base to ensure no one loses their toy on the wrong side of the back door; however, there are also anal beads, prostate massagers, anal plugs and more.
Those three categories are not an exhaustive list of toys, as most people are well aware of. Other toys range far and wide from bondage toys, nipple clamps, and strap ons to cock rings, fleshlights, and edible underwear. The list could go on.

Most people won’t jump right into these sex toys as their first purchase, but if it’s what you’re interested in than spend some time and do your research.

Now that you have you basic categories it’s time to do some self-reflection. What do you like? What have you been craving? What intrigues you, but you’re not quite sure about?

If this is your first sex toy, my suggestion is to play it safe. Stay on the cheap side and get something you’re fairly certain you’ll be comfortable with. With each new sex toy comes new confidences in what you can try. Also, take note of any allergies you have which may require you to buy specific sex toys made of non-allergenic materials.

Lastly, the big question is where to buy it, how to buy it and how to get it to you. Some people can’t get their giggles under control enough to walk into a sex shop, and that’s alright.

The Internet has some great websites with quite the variety. Most of these sites have discrete payment and shipping options. Don’t want “Bumpy Spiral Double Dong” listed on your debit card purchases? No worries, most companies just list either their name (which might not be better), or a neutral, boring title such as “WebMerchant”. Same with the label on the package; again check the policy wherever you are buying you toys, but most have this option. Then, send it to where you will be soonest; don’t send it home if you know your parents will pick it up before you get back for Thanksgiving.
Don’t be afraid of buying your first sex toy; yes it can be nerve wracking but in the end you’ll find yourself pursuing the internet late at night looking for the next best purchase of your life. Keep it to yourself or share it with some friends (get proper toy cleaner), either way it’s worth the small down payment on those stressful days.