Tea and henna in Grounds for Change


Rachel Wang

Students helped each other drawing Henna on each others hands in GFC on Oct. 8.

The Association for Asian and Asian American Awareness hosted a Tea and Henna event in Grounds for Change on Oct. 8 and welcomed the whole Allegheny community to join.
“A5 aims to incorporate every Asian culture, not just typical Asian countries like China and Japan,” said Elizabeth Wozniak, ‘15, the vice president of the association.
A5 paid for drinks from GFC and provided materials for participants to use henna. Henna is a dye made from a plant and is used to create temporary tattoos. This practice is popular in India as an art form and a cultural tradition.
“We changed the location for Tea and Henna from Skylight Lounge on the third floor of Campus Center to GFC, because more people would like to come here,” said Huining Lim, ‘15, the president of A5.
Vy Phuong Dang, ‘16, is an international student from Vietnam. She values this activity as a good tradition for A5.
“I’ve participated in Tea and Henna twice before, but this is my first time to draw for someone else”, said Dang, while she was drawing Henna for her friend.