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Planet Earth
Planet Earth |

Instead of wasting precious fuel on a ride to the bars on Wednesdays for a night you probably won’t remember, why not immerse yourself in Grounds for Change’s eco–educational screenings of “Planet Earth?”  During the month of February, GFC will show three episodes of BBC’s “Planet Earth” every Wednesday night at 7:30.  To compliment this visual treat, Allegheny Student Government will pay for the first fifty drinks purchased during the event.
“[Planet Earth] redefined the potential of nature videos,” said Zach Piso, ’11, ASG’s advisor on environmental issues. “The event is sponsored by Allegheny Student Government and reflects a commitment to sustainability from across the campus.”
The event is brought to Allegheny through some inspired cooperation between ASG and GFC, according to the coffeeshop’s events coordinator, Betsy Keene.
“I was impressed by Zach’s enthusiasm for his project and the effort that he put into this,” Keene said.
GFC is thrilled to host screenings of “Planet Earth,” whose environmentally–friendly messages correspond with their own green initiatives.
“Its global vision and environmental awareness parallel that of ours at GFC,” Keene said. “We are fair trade and environmentally friendly, so screening a movie with similar themes seemed like a good idea.”
Indeed, students across campus are flocking towards GFC for a taste of “Planet Earth.”
“I think people get turned off by the title of ‘Planet Earth,’ but it’s also about animals and beauty, not just for environmental wackos,” said Rachel Willis, ’12. “It’s art, the filming and quality are amazing. BBC works really hard and spends months getting these shots.You get to see places all around the world while sitting on your couch and sipping coffee.”
So rather than trudge, or possibly stumble, through the snow at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night, it seems much more collegiate to become engulfed in cinematic mastery while sipping a cup of fairly traded coffee in GFC.