Who’s Who: The Allegheny faces you’ll get to know

Yvonne Longstreth:

During the week, Yvonne swipes cards over at Brooks Hall during lunch. “Yvonne is like a mother figure for all the students here at Allegheny,” said Cory Muscara, ’11.  “Often times I’ll choose to eat at Brooks over Mckinley’s just so I can say hi and talk about how things are going.”  A prominent figure on campus, she can be spotted helping with or attending various events, like Greek Sing.  If you want to meet her, come to the first Brooks lunch on Wednesday.

Courtesy of Pete LeBar

Pete LeBar:

If you’re grumbling about how much money you have to shell out for textbooks, you should stop whining and meet the cool dude who makes the process simple and organized.  Bookstore Manager for 24 years, you’ll always find Pete around the Campus Center, standing at 6’ 5” in his distinctive olive green vest.  “He is the most chill boss I’ve ever had,” said Bookstore employee Emily Searle-White.  “He is the epitome of a ‘gentle giant.’”

President James Mullen

You’ll probably see President Mullen on stage at Matriculation, but you might not recognize him up close when he stops you in McKinley’s to ask how you’re doing. “He’s by far the most personable administration member you’ll meet,” said Erick Tineo, ’13. “Even though his job title isn’t necessarily to interact with students all the time, he’ll always show up to have a conversation.” His favorite superheroes are Aquaman and Iron Man, and he wishes he could travel through time. Watch the video for proof.

President Mullen’s dream superhero power from Katrina Tulloch on Vimeo.