The Campus

GAP-sponsored major concert brings three artists to campus

Logan Battin, Contributing Writer

February 25, 2016

The Major Events Committee and Gator Activities Programmings’ will be bringing three music artists to campus for this year’s major concert. Hip-hop artist Hoodie Allen will headline the show, which will take place Saturday,...

Pomeranian accompanies Nesset to Single Voice Reading

April 15, 2011

Kirk Nesset carried in his own lamp, adjusted it by the podium, and offered his introducer, Will Brewer, ’11, a job introducing him for his readings across the country the way he did Thursday night for the final Single Voice...

Soul Food Dinner tastes like home

February 25, 2011

Remember Thanksgivings? Fourteen aunts and uncles crowded in a hot kitchen, yelling over the sound of beaters through mashed potatoes, arguing over whether or not the okra needs more salt with the loving pushiness only family...

Groups gather for galas

February 18, 2011

Queers and Allies Prom: Redux invites all students, regardless of sexual orientation, to attend the prom. The event originated after its organizers learned about Mississippi high school officials that canceled a prom because ...

Price is right for student

February 18, 2011

Silent, gorgeous women stare at you while they model the latest Stairmaster with perfectly coifed blonde hair. Two hundred people screaming, yelling at you to “go higher” or “stay, stay, stay.” And don’t forget the 100...

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