Rain cuts short Softball’s non-conference play

by John Lichina
Staff Writer
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The Softball team ended two days of non-conference doubleheaders against Fredonia State and Buffalo State having only completed six innings due to rain cancellations.
Of the four games scheduled, only one against Fredonia State on Wednesday was completed, which ended after the sixth inning. The Gators were able to register a 7-2 win before rain and lightning cut the game short.
As game time approached Wednesday afternoon, Sadie Stuart, ’14. confessed that she was not optimistic about playing that day.
“We were in more of a ‘when is our game going to get cancelled’ kind of mindset,” said Stuart.
Leah Herlocker, who is in her second year of Gator softball and Meadville weather, was not surprised by the shortened matchup.
“Meadville has sort of prepared us for this,” said Herlocker.
Despite her mindset, Stuart had a big day at the plate cracking two home runs in the Gators’ only win against Fredonia. The first one came in the fifth inning to tie the game at two. It was only a portion of the five runs Allegheny posted that inning. Stuart added a solo shot for good measure in the sixth inning and the game was ended for weather shortly after that.
Pitcher Caitlin Nealer, ’15, collected her tenth win of the season by allowing only two runs and striking out eight. Fredonia’s first run came in the first inning and was heavily influenced by a trio of Gator errors.
“It was a series of unfortunate events,” Stuart said.
Fredonia spread three hits over the next five innings and posed no threat of scoring after the first.
“They were able to stop it at that,” said Head Coach Beth Curtiss. “What it does say is that we can make adjustments when needed.”
Allegheny, now 12-13, will stay at home another weekend to play a doubleheader against Kenyon College. The Lords are 16-9 this season with an identical conference record as the Gators at 4-2.
NCAC standings have an undefeated DePauw University sitting top spot, followed by Allegheny and Kenyon. Two wins at Robertson stadium this weekend are vital to bringing the NCAC tournament to Allegheny for the second straight year.