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    AlleghenyAlumFeb 22, 2013 at 10:03 am

    This is the greatest example of NIMBY that’s been preached in and outside of all ES classrooms for years. Where do we get our natural gas from otherwise? I’d like to bet that it’s coming from the central part of the state-and because it’s not here it’s apparently not our problem. Yes, I understand the drive to go neutral, but before protesting please ask where your heat and cooking fuel comes from currently (and will into the foreseeable future).

    First off, please understand that the area might not even be fracked- they haven’t even done the seismic tests to see what type of reserves may lie below. In addition, what do the professors that USE the space think? And finally, if it comes to fracking, what happens when all areas around Bousson are fracked leaving a postage stamp ‘untouched’. God forbid the wells fail or the drilling is done incorrectly, Bousson will still be affected.

    I understand that this pulls at SEA’s heartstrings, but logic and understanding are two things that are extremely important when facing an argument such as this.

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      AnotherAlleghenyAlumFeb 23, 2013 at 11:17 am

      How about what the STUDENTS that use the space think? I think that is one of the points the author is trying to make. Students clearly are not happy with the decision, especially students that use Bousson for their research (which includes some of the students quoted in this article). Are they not important?

      Nobody in SEA would disagree that we use a lot of energy, energy which comes along with negative environmental side effects. Because of this, we DO consider the impact we have as our problem, even if it does take place in the central part of the state. Thus the push to find cleaner alternatives.

      Yes, you’re right: the area may not even be fracked. But allowing seismic testing would mean that Allegheny supports hydraulic fracturing, in the experimental forest or elsewhere. Due to the unknowns regarding fracking and Allegheny’s reputation as a “green college”, this is a risk Allegheny should not be willing to take.

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