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    BelleJul 6, 2013 at 11:35 pm

    I just saw the film for the first time myself, without any prior knowledge to content (I have not read the book yet) and I must say that I greatly disagree. I think that for the general public, it may not necessarily achieve what the Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer wanted, but for those who truly understood it, or were able to look past a few not so great prosthetics, the movie did divine something. The film did require full attention to detail and no doubt, the ability to recognize the actors beneath the make up, but I believe it formed a coherent plot. With the exception of the very beginning and end, where Tom Hanks is seen narrating, everything takes place on Earth; very simple. And casting six main actors to take on roles, regardless of ethnicity, was in my opinion not an ignorance or oversight, but rather a brilliant idea. It enabled a facet of recognition so that the audience could potentially see the glimmer of similarity person to person over the time gaps. If they had merely cast different people to fit the ethnicities, the result would be a jumbled mess with absolutely no parallels. Saying they could have cast an Asian man instead Jim Sturgess in Neo Seoul is no different than saying they could have cast a Caucasian woman instead of Doona Bae for the colonial part. There are parallels in the relationships that could only be achieved on screen with the same exact actors. Overall I think your article was very well written, well resourced and researched… but I personally believe you missed the mark.

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