Review: Political drama ‘Argo’ full of action, emotion

Critically-acclaimed fall blockbuster Argo successfully transformed massive hype into an awesome on-screen experience. The film most certainly lived up to my expectations.

The film’s heart-pounding suspense, well-acted character roles, and breakneck pace made it impossible not to be on the edge of your seat.

Never has the cinematic depiction of a real political event scared me so much. During its mesmerizing renditions of angry mobs, Argo sent a chill up my spine that I usually only feel while watching a zombie flick.

Though Argo isn’t the first political drama, actor and director Ben Affleck’s approach to this genre was certainly unique. Fear, love, humor, and, of course, action are all present in the film.

Despite that the film touches on such a wide range of emotions, Argo’s main focus, on the highly intensive and secretive nature of CIA work,  remains crystal clear. It honestly reminds me of a perfect bite of food: I knew what I was going to get beforehand, but the act itself of eating (or watching), was remarkably satisfying.

An excellent incorporation of several storytelling techniques was certainly one of the film’s great successes. It was a great true story, which always adds some extra audience intrigue.

Affleck’s dramatic abilities were complemented wonderfully by a well-acted and superbly well-casted group of secondary actors. John Goodman made a Lebowski-like comeback as an overweight makeup artist. Rising cable TV star Brian Cranston from the popular show Malcolm in The Middle made for a very convincing CIA man.

Argo’s wide appeal is due to the director’s fresh take on political drama. Wannabe politicians, drama fans, action film groupies and adrenaline junkies will all find something to enjoy in this one.

Even outside of my own biased opinion, Argo is one of few recently-released films with substance. Not only did I truly enjoy myself, I learned a lot about a captivating historical event.

This is a quality movie through and through–one that’s worth your time. If you’re going to see it, make sure you see it in on the big screen. It would be a shame to miss Argo in theaters.