Students showcase reusable fashion creations

Students walk down the Campus Center runway wearing dress creations made of recyclable and reusable items for Allegheny's third annual Trashion Show, sponsored by Students for Environmental Action. NICK OZORAK/THE CAMPUS.

For Kerry Bornstein, ’12, the Trashion Show was the ultimate exercise in low-cost clothing design.

Bornstein Said the only item purchased for her outfit was a $1.50 ball of twine. Otherwise, she and Anastasia Wooten, ’13, used old CDs, a piece of fabric she found in her apartment, old packing ribbon, and a newspaper, all of which were free.

“I really like the design that Anastasia made for me,” Bornstein said. “I think [the Trashion Show] is a really great way to engage people to think outside the box.”