Senior sprints to new records

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In the course of four hours on Saturday afternoon, senior Taylor Throckmorton left his mark in the Allegheny track and field record books by breaking his own records set last year. Throckmorton set school records in the 200 and 400 meter dash from at Boston University Valentine Invitational.

He previously set both records one year ago at the same meet. In Boston, Throckmorton competed with athletes from Division I and II.

“It’s an atmosphere that is unlike any other track meet,” said Throckmorton. “If you race against fast people, they drag you on to better times.”

Head Coach Brent Wilkerson said he had every bit of confidence in his senior sprinter going into the competition.

“I knew that he was going to break the record probably about halfway through his run,” said Wilkerson. “It was really impressive to see him run like that.”

The 400 meter caused a bit of trouble for Throckmorton. As he entered the break he was caught behind two runners, causing him to slow his pace and, in a race that moves so quickly, he lost valuable time.

Throckmorton still broke the line in 49.09 seconds, breaking his first record for the day in front of both family and friends that had traveled from Ohio to see him compete.

The focus shifted to the 200 meter after a three-hour break. Throckmorton credited little food and lots of fluids for replenishing his body in addition to a burst of confidence that mentally prepared him for his next race.

“When you are confident it sort of takes the pressure off you,” said Throckmorton. “There are no nerves.”

From the starting gun to crossing the tape, Throckmorton said he knew that the record was his. His finishing time of 22.29 seconds trumped his previous record by almost a second.

Throckmorton said he had every intention of going to Boston to improve on his best times. By competing in the same meet last winter, he was more prepared to run the 200 meter banked track to perfection.

Throckmorton also placed 25th overall in the long jump in a field of 38 competitors.

The senior enjoyed his night in the spotlight but knows there is still an outdoor season beckoning in the spring and more work to be done.

“My training is set up that I will run faster times outdoor than indoor,” Throckmorton said.

Throckmorton’s speed could take him onto the national scene in the spring if he continues to improve. The thought of a Taylor Throckmorton highlight poster hanging in the Wise Center brought a smile to his face and a one-word response: “maybe.”