Top 5 cheap, semi-valid dinner dates in Meadville

For Valentine’s Day – or whatever other excuse you can scrounge up for going out to eat tonight

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So if you’re looking for a place to go out to eat with some other person or persons and the idea of spending even $10 for a meal more than $10 for a meal, give one of these jive places Meadville has to offer a shot.

$ – Price range has been determined by most food obtained for your dollar

100 Item Super Buffet
This is actually a Chinese restaurant that features 100 items varying greatly in shape, size and taste.

Pros: 100+ different food items to choose from, ranging from chicken wings to standard Chinese-American food and dessert items. Chances are you’ll be able to find at least one or two things you like.

Cons: Although you’re almost guaranteed to find something you can eat, the odds of being satisfied for the rest of the night by that cheesy garlic bread you initially fell in love with aren’t quite as high. And for $8.75 a meal, the price doesn’t exactly match up. If you’re not going to eat a whole lot of food, it’s not worth it.

Price range: $-$$$ – depending on how much you end up eating

Tim Hortons
Thanks to our fortunate geographical position only a couple hundred miles south of Canada, we’re able to enjoy this refreshing haven of mouthwatering doughnuts, delectable sandwiches and steaming coffee. One of only 587 (ish) stores in the United States, the local branch of this fast casual restaurant has the added bonus of operating with and within Coldstone Creamery.

Pros: The food is generally delicious and the prices are decent, especially in terms of quality and “craving-cured” experience 24-7.

Cons: Their convenient drive-through window can be a bit deceiving: it’s a little pricier than some other fast food places in town.

Price range: $$

Teeming with more made-to-order food options, coffee flavors and fluorescent lights than you can count, this gas-station-turned-munchie-wonderland is the perfect option if you’re hungry and looking to avoid as much human interaction as possible.

Pros: If you like to choose what you eat down to the last extra 25 cents worth of pickles and double shot of raspberry soda flavor, Sheetz is the place for you.

Cons: Assuming it’s not 65+ degrees outside (ha) there’s really no place to sit down and chill at Sheetz besides the car you drove in to get there.

Price range: $-$$ (depending on which killer coupons you can scoop up)

There’s not a whole lot to say about this place that hasn’t been said already. Either you love it, you hate it or you can’t live without it—there are only a select few (hundred) in-betweens.

Pros: It’s cheap and reliable, it’s always open and it offers very economical (and tasty) ice cream and coffee alternatives to the more expensive Cold Stone across the street.

Cons: Although sometimes absolutely nothing other than a shamrock shake or double cheeseburger with extra pickles will fix that killer craving of yours, after awhile, the food will get old – no matter how much you dig it.

Price range: $

This newly-opened restaurant is a beacon of hope for Thai and Chinese food enthusiasts alike.

Pros: Amazing curries and huge portions for your dollar. Unless you’re totally ravenous, split a dinner portion with somebody else or be prepared to take home a big doggy bag.

Cons: If extra-talkative waiters are your pet peeve, this place might bother you a little. However, it all depends on the night: you could just as easily end up lucking out and getting the silent treatment from a frazzled waiter on his worst work day in months.

Price range: $$