Editor’s Predictions for Super Bowl

The Sports Editor of The Campus asked the rest of the staff who they thought was going to win the Super Bowl on Sunday Night. It is important to note that not every member of The Campus Staff is a knowledgable sports fan.

“Patriots because K-Mart has already ordered another line of Tom Brady cologne.” – Cory Rectenwald, News Editor







“Do you remember that Oreo commercial with the Manning brothers? Yeah, I like Eli Manning. Plus, Tom Brady sucks.” – Elaina Mercatoris, News Editor







“Should I be honest or am I going to be a troll about it and say the Giants are going to win?” – Cody Miller, Photography Editor




“New England is going to win because I think that New England sounds really regal and prosperous and official.” – Molly Duerig, Features Editor





“The red and blue team is going to win.” – Dana D’Amico, Design Editor





“Both teams have been here before, but I’m taking the Giants in this one. New England’s defense was ranked 31st in the league this year and if Eli Manning exploits that the Giants can take it.” – Colleen Pegher, Sports Editor