Looking Ahead… Coaches’ Predictions

Brent Wilkerson (Men and Women's Cross Country) COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION

“My prediction for 2012 for the women’s team is that we’ll get a team to the national meet, which would be huge for that women’s program. Recruiting is going really well and the women that are coming back I think there’s a buzz around that team. They want to show the boys they can hang with them. I think we’ll se another Nationals visit for our guys too. I think we’ll also be a little further ahead in the pack in 2012.” – Brent Wilkerson





“We’re going to get in better shape. We’re going to work on more than the schemes and the plays. We’re going to work on the fundamentals. We have a younger team. We lose both our kickers, our quaterback. We lost both of wide receivers. We lose five or six defensive players. We’re going to go back and work on some fundamental things. Come next fall, I want the team to be in shape. We need to be in better shape so we can play longer and harder. That’s the way I look at it.” – Mark Matlak


Bridget Sheehan (Women's Volleyball) COURTESY OF SPORTS INFORMATION

“There were some good, positive things to build on. We were a little on the young side. When we return next year, there won’t be a senior on the team. We’ve very young, mostly freshmen and sophomores.” – Bridget Sheehan