Electronic artist’s latest is ‘upbeat’

American DJ Kaskade releases seventh studio album

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Kaskade’s latest album, “Fire & Ice”, is a monster of an album, as any good electronic pop album should be.

Kaskade, not to be confused with Cascada, has been on the electric scene for years and has seen a lot of success with his recent dance ballads.

Kaskade’s single “Move for Me” from his fifth album, Strobelight Seduction, made the top ten list on Billboard’s Hot Dance Airplay Chart, reaching the number one spot in 2008. His next single, “Angel on My Shoulder,” also received Billboard success.

”Fire and Ice” has 20 tracks: 10 songs remixed in two different ways. One side is the “Fire” version and the other is the “Ice” version. The “Ice” versions have more of a classic, electronic feel to them, with mellower beats and a low-key feel. “Fire” has more upbeat versions, with lyrics that aren’t present in the “Ice” mixes. His best track is “Lessons in Love,” a collaboration with Neon Trees that is an upbeat techno dance song that you might hear at your next fraternity dance party.

Most fans of the genre will probably check out “Lick it,” a foray into dubstep and a collaboration with electronic dance producer Skrillex. My other favorite tracks on this album are “Turn it Down” and “Eyes.” “Turn it Down” is another incredible dance mix with vocals by singers Rebecca Scheja & Fiona Fitzpatrick. “Eyes” is another classic electronic track. With an upbeat, fast tempo and repetition of the lyrics, “Look into my eyes,” is techno at its best.

Although certain tracks are my favorites, the album is rounded out by all of the tracks, with a wide range of tempos and melodies.