Karr finishes senior season in the record books

Goalkeeper ends career with fourth highest shutout total of all time for Division III

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In her past four years at Allegheny, senior Emily Karr has shattered records, sealed victories and left her mark on the women’s soccer program. With her season ending last Saturday, Karr reflects upon not only the impact she has made on Allegheny, but its influence on her.

As her career has come to a close, Karr finishes her four years as the fourth all-time leader in shutouts for Division III women’s soccer, in addition to holding the school record for single-season and career shutouts.

Always humble in her demeanor, Karr is reluctant to brag about her individual accomplishments, having spent most of her career focused on team goals.

“It’s not something I like to think about in season just because we have bigger team goals so now that it’s done it’s nice to have something to show for my career over the past four years,” said Karr.

From the time she was a freshman, Karr has made an impact on the field. In the 2008 season, Karr was named NCAC Newcomer of the Year in addition to receiving All-Conference honors.

Karr recalls her accomplishments as a freshman as one of the high points of her Allegheny career.

“It just felt good to be recognized as a real college athlete that made an impact on the team,” said Karr. “I hadn’t been on very successful teams in the past and just being recognized that I made a contribution was very important to me.”

Head Coach Mike Webber credits Karr for her performance in the last four years.

“Obviously Emily has had an unbelievable career here,” said Webber. “Everything is exceptional. She’s fourth all-time in the country for shutouts. She’s been very impressive from freshman year.”

Karr’s individual achievements has helped elevate the Gators who, in the last two years, have earned a spot in the conference final and reached the NCAA Tournament on an at large bid.

Receiving that bid proved to be Karr’s favorite memory of her Allegheny career.

“Last year after we had lost in the final we were waiting to see if we would get an at large bid for the NCAA Tournament,” said Karr. “A bunch of us gathered together with Coach in the athletic department and we waited for the results of the brackets and just seeing that we made it and having our names pop up and everyone was there. It was just a really happy memory.”

Webber believes that Karr’s play has been crucial to the recent success of the program.

“She’s the type of the keeper that always seems to come up with that one big save that we need,” said Webber. “In the games it gives us the opportunity to win.”

Karr credits her teammates, as well as an improvement in fitness as the key to her growth as a player during her time at Allegheny.

“Freshman year I thought I was fit but I definitely was not as fit as I could be,” said Karr. “I definitely think that stepping up my fitness stepped up my game as a whole and I gained confidence that just comes from time on the field and playing with good players for four years.”

While Karr has left her mark on Allegheny soccer, it has also been a huge part of her everyday life.

“Soccer has kind of given me my life at Allegheny,” said Karr. “It guided me to what I’m involved in now and definitely made me more outgoing and helped me to get to know people, especially more athletes on campus.”

Before Allegheny, Karr attended Pine Richland High School. When talking about her success, Karr credits the influence of her early soccer career in addition to the role of her father.

“My club coach when I was younger really pushed me to be a better player than I was,” said Karr. “He got me into more training. My dad never played soccer but he’s been to almost every game I’ve had for my entire career. He’s definitely been really supportive.”

When asked about her feelings in regards to her career coming to a close, Karr couldn’t hide her emotion.

“I’ve known for a while whether or not we won that game that my last game was coming,” said Karr. “It wasn’t like a shock that it was going to be done, but really just the fact that this was it. Kira Kliment took the shot at the end. It was right down the buzzer and could have gone in or not and it was kind of like ‘that’s my whole career.’ It just depended on that last shot. I was hopeful to the end even though we were down and we didn’t really have a chance. I was just hopeful to keep going.”

With Allegheny’s 1-0 loss at Ohio Wesleyan, Karr’s career has come to an end. However, Karr humbly hopes that she has left her mark on Gator soccer.

“I’ve actually accomplished something,” said Karr. “Maybe I’ll be remembered or something.”