ASG designs float for Meadville Halloween parade

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Allegheny College will have a float for the third year in a row in Meadville’s 45th annual Halloween Parade.

The theme of this year’s parade is “Meadville Through the Ages.”

Fittingly, Allegheny Student Government has designed a float to show Allegheny through the ages.

ASG has yet to decide on specifics and decorations for the float but has confirmed that it will feature president Keiron Stoddart, ’13, dressed as Chompers.

This year, Allegheny cheerleaders and JaDE will be a part of the parade.

Last year there were 120 groups in the parade and an estimated 20,000 spectators along the parade route, making it the largest nighttime Halloween parade in Pennsylvania.

Due to the size and fact that the parade takes place at night, the parade faces a number of issues.

“We do run into more issues than you ordinarily would during the day,” said Meghan Cressman, co-chairperson of the parade.

“We get some drunk people. It’s dark—we have about 25 volunteers to primarily keep kids out of the street. It requires a lot of police force and a lot of city resources because it is at night.”

Despite a few problems, parade organizers do find rewards in their work.

“I think it’s easy for young professionals in this town, especially working at this college, to get in their Allegheny bubble,” said Cressman.

“I’ve learned a lot by getting involved in the community and of course we’re making a life here so I want to give back.”

In part, Allegheny’s involvement in the parade is an effort to bring the college closer to the Meadville community.

“In years past, Allegheny has ‘come down from their hill’ to take part in the Meadville tradition and give back to the community,” said Stoddart.

Sharon Severo, a Meadville resident, has noticed the strained relationship between Allegheny and the Meadville townspeople.

“There’s just not that warm, fuzzy, feeling there and I don’t know why,” said Severo.

“Allegheny is a big part of the community. This is a big community event and I think it’s great that Allegheny got involved.”

“It’s a wonderful way to show appreciation for the community and bridge the existing separation gap.”