Taste serves local dishes, recognizes 9/11 anniversary

The 15th annual A Taste of Meadville was held Tuesday evening, offering guests samples of foods, desserts and camaraderie. This year’s event was also poignant, as it recognized the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001.

In commemoration of 9/11, the National Guard Stryker Brigade opened this year’s festivities.  Mindy Zolnai, a member of A Taste of Meadville’s decorating committee, said that a commemorative ceremony would be fitting.

“All the advertising we did for the 9/11 remembrance ceremony really seemed to help with drawing in a crowd this year,” said Zolnai.

The event also featured a commemorative signing of a picture of the Twin Towers.

Hundreds of people walked through a setup of roughly 30 vendors, sampling a variety of local foods,  ranging from crab sushi to spinach pizza to lemon squares.  All proceeds went to the Continuing Market House Maintenance Fund.

Performers included Emil & the Palookas, MASH’apella High School Singers, MASH Strong Ensemble , MASH Pop Band and “Fortress” Barber Shop Quartet.

At least six new vendors participated in this year’s A Taste of Meadville, two of whom were Sarah Cozzens and Mary Melvin. Cozzens and Melvin passed out coupons for the Oct. 8 opening of the Market House’s new Bakery, Save Room for Dessert.

“As soon as we open, we really want to try to set up discounts for Allegheny students,” said Cozzens.

Another new vendor, Susan Harle, has had a store in Meadville for about a year now, the Three Gals Gourmet Market.  She commented that A Taste of Meadville is a good way for restaurants to promote their business and Meadville in general to Allegheny students.

“I hope to come back again next year and for many years to come,” said Harle.

Haley Lynch, ’15, enjoyed the setup and camaraderie of the event.  She especially liked the positioning of the tables, which were set up in a way that people could sit and talk with each other as they tried different foods and watched the entertainment.

“There’s such a sense of community here in Meadville,” said Lynch. “Everyone is no nice and willing to share in this local experience.”