Odd Future filled with obscenities, cultural critique

An Introduction to OFWGKTA: Their motto is “Fuck Steve Harvey.”

They have been compared to Wu-Tang and Eminem and other legendary hip-hop acts.

One of their own has recently been grounded by his mother for his obscene lyrics and naughty behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, the self-proclaimed leaders of the SWAG generation: Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

They are a group out of Los Angeles, going 11 strong and ranging in age from 17 to 23. They started in 2007, but have only exploded onto the rap game in the last three weeks.

Their rise to popularity started on the Jimmy Fallon show. On Feb. 16, Tyler, the creator and other OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats performed “Sandwitches” off of Tyler’s upcoming album “Goblin.”

The performance featured creepy garden gnomes, too much fog from a fog machine, a girl impersonating the creepy girl from “The Ring” and the Roots playing back-up.

The performance defies explanation.

It went viral online.

Tyler’s video for “Yonkers,” another mind-twisting video—went over one million views only a week-and-a-half after it launched. To put it simply, Odd Future is making a grand debut into the rap game.

Their popularity goes beyond the group’s visual style, however.

OFWGKTA’s musical style has been described as “horrorcore” (the group hates this moniker) but that term doesn’t fit.

They are more like a modern Wu-Tang Clan, but fits in with our generation of energy drinks, Ritalin and online gaming: it’s rap for the over-aggressive ADD youth.

Like most adolescent males, the members of OFWGKTA are obsessed with the repulsive. They frequently rap about rape, drugs, murder, necrophilia and any other detestable human crime.

Yet despite the repulsive lyrics, their songs are utterly fascinating.

Listening to Odd Future is like watching a Quentin Tarantino or Rich Rodriguez movie.

It’s way too violent, but it’s done so well and so comically you can’t look away. It also feels honest.

Odd Future are not trying to hit a “target audience.” Rather, they seem to be saying any dark twisted thing that streams through their young minds.

There are a few theories as to why Odd Future is awesome.

Perhaps their rap offers a lesson about our culture?

Maybe their raps really do reflect the mind of today’s adolescent boy.

Or maybe we just like crazy people or violence, or both.

Maybe we just like seeing the extremes of our society out there and laughing or admiring how insane people can be.

It’s also possible that Odd Future are just talented.

Their rhymes are clever and intriguing, their beats are dark yet refreshing and they have an out-of-control attitude.

Whatever it is, Odd Future may be the future of hip-hop. In the last three weeks, the internet has gone crazy over their outrageous antics, videos and free mixtapes (available on their Tumblr).

Their ultra-violent nature seems to be propelling them to stardom.

So if you hear people yell “Free Earl” or “Swag” in the next few weeks, don’t be afraid.

It’s just the beginning of the Odd Future.