Smallville still flying high

Superheroes may save the world, but how many can say they were crowned Homecoming King?
Clark Kent aka Superman, received this prestigious title and much more on “Smallville’s” landmark 200th episode as he took a life–changing trip back to high school.
Fans who have been watching “Smallville” since its humble beginnings must be anticipating the day when Clark proudly dons the famous red and blue suit, but,, that wish wasn’t not quite answered in Friday’s  episode.
In fact, instead of moving forward, the episode followed the infallible Clark Kent as he traveled back to high school, with girlfriend Lois Lane, for their class’s five year reunion.

“Smallville,” a drama now on the CW network, premiered in 2001 and was an instant hit with both young and old audiences.
The former enjoyed the new spin on an old superhero and the latter likely watched because of nostalgia for the classic series.
Fans who were hoping to see some of their favorite characters return weren’t fully rewarded, but the episode did feature flashbacks of Clark’s first real love, Lana Lang, as well as his best friend and journalistic sidekick, Chloe Sullivan.
Because the episode featured so many feel–good moments, it was obvious something or someone would disrupt the hero’s suspiciously welcomed return — not everyone could have wanted to give him a warm reception.
As Clark is crowned as the reunion class’ Homecoming King, one of his many former enemies, Brainiac, interrupts the celebration.
Instead of picking a fight with his former nemesis, however, Brainiac brings the young superhero on a Dickens–esque trip through his past, present and future.
A glimpse forward offers Clark a brief encounter with his future, superhero self  — glasses and all.
Although Clark sure knows how to rock a plaid shirt and jeans, the glimpse of him in a high–powered suit was a welcome change.
His new mature demeanor these past few seasons has also been refreshing, but fans must miss the shy farm boy who couldn’t help being awkward around pretty girls.
Although it was an obvious rip off of “A Christmas Carol,” the plot worked well to rid the protagonist of his painful past and provided him with the confidence he needs to become the world’s protector.
When Clark returns to the present, he is no ho-hum humbug. Taking heed of Brainiac’s wise words, “a hero is made in the moment,” Clark decides to forget the past and instead focus on his relationship with Lois, embracing his superhero destiny.
Tom Welling is undoubtedly a huge chunk of the show’s success. The 31–year–old actor has a natural charm and likeability, portraying Clark Kent with down–to–earth charisma for the show’s past nine seasons. It also doesn’t hurt that Welling resembles the original Superman, the late Christopher Reeves.
As “Smallville” wraps up its final season, Welling may be suiting up to star in the next Superman movie.
This move to the big screen would hopefully give Welling the credit he deserves for playing Superman so well for the past decade, and he may redeem the franchise for comic book fans after Brandon Routh’s less–than–thrilling performance in “Superman Returns.”
Until then, “Smallville” fans will have to continue to wait patiently. It only took 200 episodes to see Clark in his trademark glasses — hopefully we won’t have to wait another 200 to see him in tights.