Couple’s retreat: where to make the most of Meadville


Valentine’s Day: the one day of the year where you feel obligated to go somewhere special, or buy something special, in order to prove your amore. That’s a lot of pressure. To help you out, here are some sweet, fun and mostly affordable places found right here in Meadville.





The Linesville Spillway:




Where the ducks walk on the fish. Nothing says romance like hurling bits of bread at slimy, hungry fish—thousands and thousands of gaping-mouthed carp, to be exact. Hold hands, snuggle next to the freezing (or frozen over) water and daydream about what your children could look like someday.


Plaza Bowling Lanes:




Bowl your sweetheart over this Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of the alley’s Dollar Day this Monday. From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. each game, including shoe rental, sodas, and fries, costs only $1. If you’re a cheap date, this is definitely the place to be. You know what they say: the couple who bowls together stays together. Call 814-724-2144 to reserve lanes at the alley, located at 18799 Smock Highway.



The Artist’s Cup Cafe:


Have a romantic date over coffee and buy your sweetheart a piece of artwork at The Artist’s Cup Cafe and art gallery, located close by on Market St. in downtown Meadville.

Woodcock Dam:


Watch the sunset with your date at one of Meadville’s most scenic vistas. And if you’re getting sick of your significant other, push them off and call it an accident. The sympathy you garner will land you a new beau in no time!


Peppercorn and Vine:

If you feel like getting a little fancy with it, take your lover of choice to Peppercorn and Vine. Take them in as they take in delicious porkchops, and they won’t be able to help but be taken with you.








Giant Eagle

Smock Highway
Bouquets start at $15
Deliveries available

Signature Florals




283 North Street
Arrangements starting at $35
Deliveries available