Falling for memorable TV moments

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Here’s a look back at some of fall TV’s most entertaining moments.

The Office
Michael fought the new coordinator Gabe for office authority,
But winning over his true love Holly was his main priority.
Jim and Pam baptized their new daughter Cece,
Dwight’s glasses were too big and his hair was still greasy.
Erin’s new fling with Gabe made her ex Andy bitter,
Ryan’s social Wuphf network became the new Twitter.

Season two so far was full of surprises,
But Mr. Schuester is one person Sue still despises.
Gwyneth Paltrow can sing but Finn still can’t dance,
John Stamos interrupted a budding romance.
A bully, a wedding and a number of tears,
Stellar covers of Bon Jovi and a lot of Britney Spears.

Dancing with the Stars
Baby grew up on ABC’s ballroom floor,
Dirty dancing her way to fans’ hearts once more.
The “Hoff” was the first to go – he was quite taken aback–
And the Situation’s moves weren’t as tight as his six pack.
Brandy may have been robbed in the season full of drama,
But Bristol made it to the final and had one proud mama.

30 Rock
30 Rock’s live episode was a solid success,
With Baldwin and Fey, fans expected nothing less.
The SNL alums professionally mastered every joke,
Not one cast member seemed like they would choke.
Liz’s birthday was forgotten and Jack gave up drinking,
The fast-paced half hour left no time for blinking.

News programs captured our constant attention,
Midterm elections were a source of heated tension.
A new party emerged but McMillan’s campaign went awry,
Voters decided their rent wasn’t all that damn high.
Wikileaks exposed docs the government was concealing,
TSA searches became much more revealing.

Disney fans soon realized Miley Cyrus had aged,
Girls sighed after hearing Prince William was engaged.
Lindsay’s back in rehab, Christina got a divorce
Snooki’s writing a novel – a bestseller, of course.
Mel Gibson’s less popular, Betty White’s on a roll
Kanye’s temper on Today made him lose control.

Award shows
Tweens celebrated, squealed and gave a cheer,
When Bieber was named AMA Artist of the Year.
Fans held their breath and their lips they were biting,
But this year’s VMAs were not that exciting.
No one was interrupted or Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher,
But viewers learned that Gaga shops for clothes at the butcher.

Nothing but reruns following lineups in the fall,
Until after the descent of the New Year’s ball.
Hopefully winter TV won’t leave viewers cold,
As those holiday specials are sure getting old.