Single Voice Speaks

Aspiring poets and dog–lovers alike: tonight at 8 p.m. in the Tillotson room of the Tippie Alumni Center, the poet Andrew Hudgins will be featured as the first author in the Single Voice Reading Series this year.
Hudgins will be reading poems from his latest book, “American Rendering: New and Selected Poems,” showcasing what he as often renown for in his writing: his mischievous tone.
“Hudgins will write about things that are mischievous, but it’s so witty,” said Vicki Vargas ’12. “What’s different about him is the ease in which [readers] understand the South in his eyes, and yet it’s completely funny and ironic.”
Hudgins uses irony in religious ways, as well, playing on themes of his devout Christianity and his personal skepticism.
English Professor Christopher Bakken emphasized Hudgins’ dark humor in discussing “Shut Up, You’re Fine.”
“This book has sadistic nursery rhymes,” Bakken said.
Often, Hudgins explores these seemingly contradictory ideas within the same poems.
He’s an incredibly skilled craftsman as a poet,” Bakken said.
Hudgins may be admired by poetry enthusiasts, but his writing style would likely interest any student, English major or not.
“[Hudgins offers] a lot of laughter” Bakken said. “We often associate traditional forms of poetry, like Hudgins, to be serious and stuffy, but he pulls it off with humor and fun.”
For those who want to experience Hudgins’ humor before the big event, there will be a Q & A session at 1:30 p.m. in Oddfellows room 203.
In sitting down with Hudgins, attendees are likely to see the earnest pursuits of this poet’s craft-pursuits that may rub off on aspiring poets.
“I’m just somebody who wants to make the words spark on the page,” Hudgins said. “When you sit down to write, you tend to find out things about yourself.”
Hudgins seems to take himself as seriously in real life as he does his poetry, which is to say, always with some added humor.
When asked what Allegheny (poetry readers and non-poetry readers alike) should know about him before his arrival, Hudgins had these important biographical facts to say:
“I have a dog named Sister that I brush out every night,” Hudgins said. “She gets excited and runs around in crazy circles.”

Tonight: Poet Andrew Hudgins will be reading in the Tillotson Room of the Tippie Alumni Center at 8 p.m.

His books “American Rendering: New and Selected Poems” and “Shut up, You’re Fine” will be for sale after the reading.