Summer TV, an ode: How Shall I Compare Thee, Sawyer?

Summer TV hardly ever stuns,
long infomercials and the year’s reruns.
But a few gems kept us hooked to our screens,
like lost castaways and cool, dancing teens.

A few finales made us find the remote,
“Glee’s” journey ended on a very high note.
Losing the trophy really gave them the blues,
but the season ended with a shout of good news.
Fans were ecstatic and the club gave a cheer
when Mr. Shu exclaimed that they had one more year.

Another Fox show had us up on our feet,
“So You Think You Can Dance” continued bringing the heat.
With former “Dance” faves, the top 10 were paired.
Injuries were plenty, but great routines were shared.
A small-town boy was the favorite allseason.
his southern charm was just one good reason.
His win seemed to be the obvious answer,
but Lauren was crowned America’s favorite dancer.

ABC had its own share of emotion,
On an island that sat on a mysterious ocean.
After six dramatic years, “LOST” ends in cliché,
if you didn’t see the finale I won’t give it away.

Sawyer chose Juliet and Kate chose Jack,
Charlie, Boon and the others came back.
Impossible storylines finally made clear.
Hardly a fan that didn’t shed a tear.

“Law” was out of “Order” with one final case,
a show even the spinoffs could never replace.
20 seasons ends with an abrupt cancellation,
I guess NBC had enough shows on their station.

Instead of Snooki we followed the “Jersey Housewives.”
We both wanted and hated their very rich lives.
Caroline was a mother who put family first.
Danielle was a pain; her attitude was the worst.
From her constant complaining we were all getting tired.
We got what we wished when we heard she was fired.
The end of summer seemed to slow to a crawl,
and we TV junkies are more than ready for fall.