Gators back in the PAC with new brand identity

The revamped Gator mascot designed by Brian Martone, who wanted a rebrand that would bring a “intimidating” look to the new symbol.

For the first time in nearly four decades, the Allegheny Gators will make their return to the Presidents Athletic Conference, and with it comes a new brand identity.
“I thought that it would be a point of pride for myself and for our department.” said Brian Martone, assistant director of art and publications. “I hope it gives the Allegheny community as a whole a greater sense of pride.”
Martone was the lead designer of the rebrand project, and had been working vigorously to encapsulate the true meaning of being a Gator.
For months, Martone was in his office studying the minute details of alligator movements, as well as the aggressive nature behind the reptiles while hunting for prey. Martone also made it a point to maintain an accurate representation of the reptile anatomically, and referred to the “scales” you would see on an alligator’s back, as body armor.
Martone had always been a potential prospect for claiming this role. Since the day he stepped foot on campus, Martone has advocated to take the reins of a rebrand project. For 11 years he waited, lurking in the depths of the swamp. When finally given approval to be the lead architect, his love for athletics and pride for the community all came out in the design, as he created a total of three canvases with dozens of variations representing each sport.
“It was my baby from the beginning,” Martone said.
While Martone provided an insightful thought process behind the design, coaches, students, alumni and other faculty and staff members of the Allegheny Community were all giving their opinions and feedback on what they thought the rebrand should represent.
“This feels like a rebirth of Allegheny athletics, coming out of a pandemic,” said Athletic Director Bill Ross.
Ross was enthused to describe the effect of using an in-house design and the impact it had on the overall quality the rebrand empowered. There are other schools that decide to choose an external firm to delineate the blueprints. However, Allegheny’s marketing department felt very confident that they could create something more unique and in line with what the team was looking for.
The college previously experimented with a rebrand opportunity, but it was held up when the pandemic struck. The community unloaded their ammunition this year as they rallied together and completed nearly the whole project. Martone created a total of five new designs, while most notably changing the Gator mascot to look more intimidating, and the patented “A” representing the school.
“I think each (of the rebranded designs) have their place, and that’s what I like about it,” said Sean King, assistant athletic director.
King has also been working hands on with this experience from the beginning. From an athletics standpoint, it was important for him to capture a message that can instill the competitive atmosphere the Gator culture has always brought, but with more pizzazz. King described the new rebrand as “bold” and “fierce,” as a new light of Allegheny culture comes to life.
The rebrand was also important for overall competitiveness in school representation. Matthew Betush, one of two faculty athletics representatives proactively involved within the rebrand process, felt the rebrand distinctively reintroduced Allegheny into the PAC, and claimed the fresh start will provide a reenergized “Allegheny 2.0”.
“I am very excited the final product became what it was,” Betush said.
While most of the rebrand has already made its presence known, it is not yet known when the full effects will be felt. While the marketing team and administration has advertised the rebrand since the summer months before the school year started, there are still items on the agenda that will take time, and more funds to cross off, including items such as the logo engraved into the turf football field.
Nevertheless, it is an overall positive atmosphere that faculty and students are feeling on campus. Everyone is gearing up for another season of Gator Pride, as the college has made tremendous strides in their programs over the past couple of years.