ASG appoints cabinet members at last General Assembly of the year

Allegheny Student Government commenced the final general assembly of the year at 7:36 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10, in room 301/302 of the Henderson Campus Center.
Director of Treasury Olivia Brophy, ’23, announced that budget hearings had concluded, and further information about final club budgets would be distributed soon. She thanked everyone for being patient with her as she navigated the position.
Director of Communications and Press Ryder Sullivan, ’22, said that she was looking to do more senior shout outs and asked for the seniors to send her a picture and something about their ASG involvement. She also mentioned that the ASG shirts would be in by the following Tuesday.
Director of Student Affairs Elizabeth Graham, ’23, reported that she had chosen and sent gift cards to four students who completed the Student Life Survey. She was starting to compile the information gathered from the survey.
Director of Community Relations Kyrié Doniz, ’23, announced that the Business of the Week was Zest Kitchen, located inside the Market House downtown. In addition, she said, the Market House would be hosting farmer’s markets every Saturday from May 7 until Oct. 29.
Attorney General Jack Parker, ’22, announced that the window for hopeful senate candidates was now closed. He and Parliamentarian Rachael Harris, ’23, would be creating the ballot soon, as elections would take place May 12-13.
Harris compiled a list of statistics for the 2021-22 academic year. ASG had voted on eight club constitutions, and the voter turnout was the highest that the college had had for a while.
“I really enjoyed working with everyone and holding a position that hasn’t been seen in years,” Harris said.
Chief of Staff Genesis Pena, ’22, said that she had been meeting with members of the college committees to see what their experience was like and determine how to improve it next year.
“It’s really important to me that the college committees stay fully staffed with students,” Pena added. “That’s the only way that we have a connection between admin and us.”
President of the Class of 2025 Abigail Estrada-Hernandez reminded everyone of her class’s study hall event, to take place Wednesday, May 11, from 6-8 p.m. in room 206 of the campus center. The class of 2025 would also be tabling Wednesday and Thursday to hand out goodie bags for finals.
Voting for the 2022-23 academic year cabinet commenced. A motion to approve William Lowthert, ’23, as Director of Community Relations passed amid an unfolding discussion as to the ethics of President-elect Veronica Green, ’23, and Vice President-elect Rudra Schultz-Ray, ’23, voting on what would be their cabinet.
As President Noah Tart, ’22, explained, Robert’s Rules of Order dictates that being senators, Green and Schultz-Ray are still voting members and are therefore allowed to vote, but if anyone thinks this is “ethically uncouth” then they can make a motion for the president-elect and vice president-elect to bring in proxies to vote in their place.
President of the Class of 2022 Dory-Sarah Debrosse and Vice President of the Class of 2022 Skyler Roemele raised the concern that there could be a conflict of interest with the proxies themselves, given that Green and Schultz-Ray would be selecting these proxies.
Green reminded ASG members that she and Schultz-Ray had not been sworn in yet at that point and so were still senators of their class, therefore still able to vote on these cabinet appointments.
Parker mentioned that from his experience in his year-and-a-half as attorney general, then-president-elect Jason Ferrante, ’20, abstained from voting.
“I’ve been thinking in terms of precedents and how we’ve done things in the past,” Parker said. “Frankly, this is something that we’ve never touched before, so … it’s going to be difficult either way.”
Dean of Students Tevis Bryant pointed out that what members decided upon would set the precedent going forward.
“But we can’t remove (Green’s and Schultz-Ray’s votes), regardless,” Bryant said. “How you count that vote, that’s what you should be talking about.”
Members ultimately decided to proceed with voting, with Green and Schultz-Ray still casting their votes.
Motions to approve Haley Hersh, ’23, as Director of Sustainability, and Kori Bower, ’23, for Director of Organizational Development did not pass.
A motion to table voting until a later date did not pass.
Doniz was approved to assume the position of Director of Communications.
A motion to approve Cam Lesher, ’24, and Destiny Perkins, ’24, as Co-Directors of Student Affairs did not pass, but when a motion to approve Lesher as the sole holder of the positon was brought forth, it did pass.
A motion to approve Ankitha Pamula, ’24, as Parliamentarian did not pass.
Motions to approve Jaelyn Valentin, ’25, as Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and Estrada-Hernandez as Attorney General passed.
A motion to approve Senator Ray Colabawalla, ’25, as Chief of Staff did not pass.
Vice President Sophie Adams, ’22, announced that she and Green would be meeting with the Board of Trustees that weekend. She also encouraged everyone to continue getting tested for COVID-19.
President Noah Tart, ’22, thanked ASG members for their efforts this year.
“I know that jobs like this are often thankless,” Tart said. “There’s little reward, a lot of criticism, and a pinch of YikYaks.”
He then swore in Green as president for the 2022-23 academic year. Green swore in Schultz-Ray as vice president, as well as the appointed cabinet members.
The assembly adjourned at 9:02 p.m.